New Me, Myself & I


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New year, new me. That phrase is one of many that has been exhausted from excessive use. It has died and been buried, only to rise again into the realm of phrases strictly used sarcastically, a place that "you only live once", "sucks to suck", and "sorry for partying" also call home.

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But hey, I kinda like it. I like how--in four simple words--it embodies the idea of a blank slate. Of course, a date doesn't necessarily define a new you but there's certainly no better time to try.

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My take on the "new year, new me" philosophy was inspired by my recent trip to South Texas.  I've become pretty accustomed to my daily activities, rarely stepping outside of my comfort zone unless you count a venture to a trendy Austin restaurant on the East side, which I don't.

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{photo courtesy of William Duncan}
My trip to William's deer lease in Carrizo Springs, however, does qualify. He promised I'd get a deer and I could only hope and pray I'd be able to deliver when it came time to pull the trigger.

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I shot not only one but two bucks and, simply put, I liked it.  Most exciting of all was being able to relate--on some level--to the passion that he and his brothers have grown for this classic Texan sport.

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It allowed me to experience a part of the culture in my own backyard that I hadn't yet been exposed to, making me appreciate where I come from.

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{the Rio Grande river}
So, in that way, I indulged the me that is a Texan this weekend. And I intend to do that with every me in 2014.

 photo IMG_8044_zps6587bbed.jpgI'm a student, a daughter, a best friend, a Catholic, a blogger, a sister, a girlfriend, an aunt and I want to let each of those identities have the proper attention and betterment they deserve. If reinventing yourself sounds daunting, that's because it is. Instead, address each individual part and you should come to find that the new year will bring new yous.

Happy New Year from the huntress herself,


Abby said...

Hahaha while "new year, new me" falls in the category you described it's not too bad! And oh gosh I've never been hunting, that would be totally out of my comfort zone!