Something Bigger


Hi. It's been awhile, so what I have to offer with this post must have really moved me if it brought me to carve out some time for a post. And it did.

As tradition has it, love springs from your heart, so Darling Magazine asked people (more specifically, Instagram users) what makes it beat. The responses were a far cry from blood flow and electric impulses.

 photo Heartbeat-Script-IG_zps2f70d44c.jpg

Nathanael T. Presley, who composed the script, closes saying "my heart is split between many and yet somehow complete." My lack of blogging is stone cold evidence of how time is becoming a more and more precious resource in my life. So, let's get scientific. The average, healthy heart beats sixty times per minute, so make each second count. Fill it with the things that make it beat. Fill it with nature. Fill it with people. Fill it with something bigger. And there you have it: the scientific formula for feeling complete.


Mary Elizabeth said...

I LOVE this molls! you make my heart beat hehe <3