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I have mixed feelings about time apart from my quote-on-quote "own diary." While I have the same irritated feeling you do when I see the same photo over and over again below the header, I find comfort in knowing that I'm spending more time in real life than a virtual one. After all, it is that time that inspires my time here.

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{Plaza de Espana Seville}
I have peace of mind about this now, but BOD's hibernation is almost over. I intend to be much more diligent about my blogging habits this summer, and I can say this with confidence since there will be no shortage of BOD-worthy content along the

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streets of Paris

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and Spanish coastline.

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Amidst my usual foodie explorations, date events, an excursion to Mexico, and a big family wedding, I've been creating my itinerary for the summer of a lifetime! The map above highlights several of my destinations.

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I'll be studying and sight-seeing--making friends from strangers in the city of lights and then meeting up with my two best friends in the entire world, Mary Elizabeth and Caroline, in Seville.

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Eating pastries in June then paella in July.

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Sipping champagne then sangria.

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A mother daughter trip navigating the charm and coast of southern France will perfectly punctuate the adventure.

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These are more than cities; they are stunning sources of inspiration. It will be so many things: it will be magical, it will be liberating, it will be whimsical, it will be unusual, it will be splendid, it will be refreshing, it will be formidable.

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And I'll blog aaall about it. Bridget's Own Diary will serve as the perfect travel log as I explore roughly half a dozen countries in nine weeks.

Until then, I'll build the excitement on BOD and hopefully re-visit some of the big events I've deprived you of in the last few months.

au revoir & adios,


Carolyn said...

That's quite the life. I can't wait to hear about it. Tschuss baba for now!

Anonymous said...

you should come to Portugal! you'd love the city of Oporto!