Beauty is in the Eye


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{the threshold of two different but beautiful floorings at an open house in Houston}
Sometimes I worry that I get too swept up in silly things, but while touring a beautiful new home in Houston last weekend with my mom, I realized I'm not caught up in petty things. I'm enthralled with pretty things.  

This quality has led me to a lot of loves. 

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{photo c/o Peyton Perry}
During the height of my teenage years, I loved watching Gossip Girl because it was visually stunning. My much older and wiser (ha!) 21-year-old self loved The Grand Budapest Hotel for largely the same reasons. 

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I could spend hours on end perusing through clothes racks. Taking in the beauty of a piece of clothing gives me equal satisfaction as taking it home. Howeveeeer, I should probably practice what I preach more often and stick to perusing rather than purchasing. 

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{a belated champagne birthday toast with Cathy at Josephine House}
It's made me an addict to storing a collection of beautiful images on my phone 

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and a lover of looking at life through a lens. 

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It's made me one of those people that is all too tempted into buying this handsoap 

 photo Bath-Body-Works-Tropical-Spring-2013-Anti-Bacterial-Hand-Soap_zps515db7a2.jpg
over this one. 

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{boozy brunch at new East Austin spot The Hightower}
It's taught me how to feast on food with my eyes. 

 photo 725dba91c20460960390d0d025b9ff05_zpsf242293e.jpg
and inspired my small but growing coffee book collection.

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-20at10918AM_zpsa71de3bb.png
It makes me appreciate my sister's keen eye for design

 photo photo3_zpsb37804f1.jpg
and my other sister's beautiful lettering. Her newest chalk artwork can be seen on South Congress at a new smoothie stand, Juice Austin

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{Lake Travis // Austin, TX}
It moves me to take the scenic route even when it's not the fastest or most efficient. 

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A special shout out goes to the birthday boy (23 today!) who reminded me of this "gift"--his words--I have to appreciate aesthetics. Ever since this conversation, its resurfaced on several occasions. 

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Like when Carolyn recently reminded me to not get caught up in finding the coolest, chicest spots while in Europe but instead to wander and discover my own hidden treasures. By taking in your surroundings, you realize beauty can be found just about anywhere, just about any time. 

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{photo c/o AG Beat}
It has incited enough curiosity in me to explore it in my academic life as well. I'm fast approaching dedicating a whole year to studying this phenomenon my Plan II Senior Thesis. I'll research the movement toward more visual forms of social media and how this will impact communication within the corporate world. 

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Seeing things is a pretty simple blessing most of us are fortunate enough to have. What makes it richer is discovering the beauty of seeing with your eyes, with your mind and with your heart.

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I was reminded of this trifecta in Father's homily at mass yesterday. When this same idea struck me yet again, it proved to be a much too crowded intersection in my life to not reflect on it more via BOD. 

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All of these thoughts consummated tonight when I laid eyes on my new nephew, Jack. The birth of a newborn is nothing short of a miracle and seeing Jack was certainly proof of that. Welcome to this world full of beautiful things, Jack! It's a sight to see, so have at it.