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For better or for worse, I'm becoming accustom to the aroma of cigarette smoke, telling military time and "merci" slips from my tongue fairly naturally.

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Speaking of giving thanks, my mom the meteorologist deserves some love for telling me to bring my green rain jacket; it's been a lifesaver in these unexpected chilly temperatures. Good thing Parisians love them some scarves.

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These first two days, we've gone through the nuts and bolts of the program -- emergency contacts, Parisian culture, housing, etcetera.

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While squaring these things away, we've managed to see a lot of the city--mostly by foot. I've always said I want to live in a pedestrian city one day--something Houston might be the farthest things from--and now I remember why. There's a sense of accomplishment, the opportunity to people watch, and built-in daily exercise and time outdoors.

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Brie for breakfast--this I can do.

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It's a far cry from the Tower of Texas Capitol but this view from my classroom will suit me just fine for summertime.

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But when I'm homesick, there's always a taste of home

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and a sip to wash it down.

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It's a shame to see the beautiful buildings polluted with graffiti, but a delight to see greens running up and down these gorgeous structures.

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The amazing landscapes run horizontally too,

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like here in the corps de logos at the Hotel de Soubise.

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On the other side of the world, I've already found a kindred spirit and no surprise, she's from Texas too. Her name's Jordan. She goes to TCU and is from Dallas and bonding over mutual friends and backgrounds has been comforting in the beginning.

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We had dinner at a brasserie along the Seine.

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It was your typical European fare--starting with a lentil salad, chicken, potatos au gratin and veggies for the entrée and a pommes aux tartes for dessert.

As is true with most traveling days, a lot was accomplished like navigating the Metro system and dabbling more in my rudimentary French skills--both of which I hope to improve on as the trip goes on.

P.S. Though I can't promise a post a day, I will promise an Instagram photo post every day. Follow @bridgetsowndiary for a virtual summer in Europe :)


melissa said...

Sounding wonderful so far!!!

Anonymous said...

If you need an American Breakfast fix you can try "Breakfast-in-America". They also have great hamburgers;)

Unknown said...

I am so excited to follow along with you through this journey. This is a summer you will never forget. Soak up every minute of it and experience as much as possible. Be safe and have fun! Love you, Kirby

Julianne Staine said...

Keep up the posts so I can live vicariously through you and know what you're doing every minute still hehe. Love you! -S

Unknown said...

beautiful pictures molly!