Mind Over Matter


Somehow, my last summer is upon me. This time of year moves me to reflect on the last year while looking forward to the next. Last summer, Merl and I reported to rush duties in Austin and discussed more than a few times how convinced we were that good things were in store for junior year.

 photo 1898085_10151905456126302_914039942_n_zps8c71c021.jpg
{basketball game tailgate}
This mindset made for just what we had hoped for and anticipated--the best year of all-time.

 photo photo-46_zps56202833.jpg
I've recently embraced the idea that mind is what matters most: it's what got me up on a wakeboard; it's what allows me to confidently fill a blank Word Processing page with 1200 words in one sitting; it's what makes getting up every morning thrilling; and, it has everything to do with making this year the best.

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Cultivating this mindset along with a combination of the people, the places, the adventures, the surroundings, the accomplishments, the challenges overcome, the rainy days that made sunny ones spectacular, the big events and the small all made junior year stand out.

 photo photo1_zps20b77add.jpg
{Flume concert at Emo's with my little sis slash daughter, Michelle}
I could probably use one hand to count how many bad days I had, but here are just a few memories that stick out (and just so happen to be photographed) to take advantage of this short window of time to reflect before I embark on my big adventure across the pond.

 photo IMG_8350_zps95976133.jpg
crossing off the classic spring break destination...
 photo photo-45copy_zps7e729995.jpg
 photo Cabo1_zps7b44dcc3.jpg

 photo bdaypic_zps8ebe5744.jpg
{me with my closest girlfriends at Parkside blowing out the candles on my I heart NYC Cade's Cake}
ringing in one of my last milestone birthdays

 photo 10308249_10152420802207835_3699533655146433253_n_zpse5d965a1.jpg
{cathy and i enjoying a belated happy hour at Josephine House}
the big 2-1

 photo 1656175_10152277191292835_1983179971_n_zpsdce7e4fe.jpg
{william and i on my birthday eve with bubbles and créme brulée at Justine's Brasserie}
on more occasions that just one!

 photo 1000351_10151612698141333_174878205_n_zps267132d8.jpg
& joining in other's celebrations, too.

 photo Wedding3_zps3976b311.jpg
 photo 1504013_10104618142991304_1589712006_n_zps55025552.jpg
 photo Wedding2_zps12002345.jpg
the best weekend of the year --

 photo Wedding1_zpsa982e7d1.jpg
when Andy and Kirby became Mr. & Mrs. McConn

 photo ScreenShot2014-05-23at90030AM_zps38e859ac.png

 photo IMG_7766_zps44276ba7.jpg
a Red River rivalry victory,

 photo IMG_7763_zpsac299e79.jpg
which was celebrated the only way it should be.

 photo IMG_7512_zps4e55589f.jpg
sharing a roof with 60 girls

 photo IMG_8154_zps9b1a7a5c.jpg
{Nicole + Olivia}
and now looking forward to downsizing in my first house with the perfect housemates.

 photo newcasa_zpsa0f41fca.jpg
growing to love my new Houston home,

 photo brunch_zpsf4434c94.jpg
and never, ever

 photo IMG_7521_zpsc6b327c2.jpg
saying no to a boozy brunch.

 photo 10151829_753793654631803_1865762206_n_zpsa3230db4.jpg
having the success of rush under my belt and watching the freshmen discover the amazing lifestyle that comes with college, Kappa, UT and Austin

 photo IMG_8547_zpsb1458030.jpg
and passing down the torch to my very first rush crush and fellow 'MB', Madalyn

 photo Deb_zps8579ffbc.jpg
 photo 1529735_10151787215086302_1028850274_o-1_zps10851d3a.jpg
a festive holiday and deb season,

 photo IMG_8054_zps984fe3f2.jpg
the weekly bestie breakfast + bible study in the fall,

 photo 8473_10151973978612835_370863029_n_zpsc0fadd7f.jpg
crowning new Cowboys Sweethearts,

 photo formals1_zps183e3f97.jpg
lots of occasions to get all dolled up

 photo formals_zpsf1337296.jpg
 photo 969ae121-5732-4203-8025-6ef4a9dc2287_zps532d2e29.jpg
for formal affairs,

 photo StarredPhotos1_zps78d1d44d.jpg
several "firsts"--sitting in a blind, oyster eating, seeing Wicked, joining the Homeland bandwagon, ice days for the treacherous "polar vortexes"

 photo photo-45copy2_zps7cea848e.jpg
and going to upperclassmen only territory Abel's on the land.

 photo foodie2_zps93165628.jpg
 photo lobsta_zps25cf932f.jpg
food and drink fit for a king and queen,

 photo photo-45copy3_zpsbddf09aa.jpg
{G'Raj Mahal--former Indian food truck on Rainey Street recently turned brick & mortar restaurant}
which helped make the most of the city Los Angelites and New Yorkers are flocking to -- from the East Side to Rainey Street to West Campus gems

 photo foodie1_zps965d1f88.jpg
to the very vibrant coffee shop culture.

 photo pool_zpsed8e6cee.jpg
It was some of the best days

 photo IMG_8157_zps2917a966.jpg
 photo IMG_9054_zps3266ee8a.jpg
 photo IMG_1652_zpse8f1dfa7.jpg
with some of the best company. I took this mindset home with me and plan on packing it up with all my other necessities for Europe, as I have every intention of maintaining this positive practice from here on out. 'Cause it's mind that matters most, so live every day to the fullest.


Unknown said...

this is the sweetest post! so glad you had such a fun year!

Also, I kid you not, I have that exact same picture of my Fletcher's corn dog at OU/Texas haha!

cheers to your adventures abroad!