Sense Appeal XXV


for the eyes:
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Last Friday, I went to Fiesta in San Antonio--their annual debutante ball. Above are photos from Friday's Garden Party and Saturday's presentation at the Queen's Ball.

for the mind:
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As most of you know, I attribute most of my blogging inspiration to my sister Carolyn. We share a love for inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, and the kind of thing founder of The Art of Simple Tsh Oxenreider writes about. She compiled a list of 20 pieces of "advice, life lessons, maxims, a plea to the next generation...whatever you want to call them," and Carolyn sent it my way knowing it would make me smile and nurture my creative soul within.

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It did, and I'd like to pay that service to someone else by passing it along to you. Here are my four favorites:

You don't have to find that one thing you're good at. You can be good at lots of things. 

In most cases, go for quality over quanitity. 

People aren't thinking of you nearly as much as you think they are. 

At the end of the day, it's between you and God.  

& lastly, a quote I found inspiring enough to add to Meghan and I's rotating words of wisdom white board outside our door--an end-of-the-year habit I took on to utilize the location of our room that all sixty girls can't help but pass as we hurriedly run in and out of the Kappa house. In the spirit of stressful finals season, I thought this would help everyone slow down even if it's for a brief moment:

Embrace the beauty that life is full of chapters, dimensions, and bends in the road. You’re a complex individual, and that’s gorgeous.

for the ears:

I think most people have that one song they're currently addicted to. My obsessions can last for hours or a whole summer, and this Avicii number has stuck as my go-to for a solid week now.

fashion for feel:
 photo photo-45copy_zps4440ef38.jpg
I went through a fashion tragedy when my favorite sandals disappeared into the sandy Cabo abyss over spring break (last seen at this table at Mango Deck above). I'd typically take this kind of opportunity to replace a hole in my wardrobe with something new, but these Joie a la Plage Sable sandals simply couldn't be replaced.

 photo photo4_zps4ba4ce65.jpg
I bought them again knowing they'd make the trip across the ocean with me for my European adventures. That being said, I'd like for them to survive 'til the end of the summer, so I'm on the hunt for a more practical walking shoe; I'm open to any and all suggestions that don't involve a Nike swoosh on the side or anything resembling Crocs. This is Paris, people!

for taste:
 photo fbg_zps74bfa00d.jpg
West Campus is better known for quick food fixes than gourmet fare, but as Austin's foodie population continues to grow this is evolving. In an area where you used to be limited to chicken fingers and a sub-par Subway sub, you can now get beets that can't be beat and steamed pork buns from nationally-acclaimed chef Paul Qui.

 photo photo1_zps597e274b.jpg
In search of some pre-party booze and brunch, my friend Maggie and I decided to try Freedmen's, a fairly new spot in the heart of West Campus serving up Texas craft cocktails and fine food. We both ordered the "daily muddle" which just so happened to be my personal favorite, palomas, which paired perfectly with the pimento cheese starter.

 photo photo2_zps5713463f.jpg

We shared a Holy Trinity platter of brisket, sausage and pulled pork accompanied by sides of smoked beets with herbed chevre and a bamsalmic glaze (holy cow!) and another daily special, the creamed corn. 

 photo Freedmens-Bar-Austin_zps21bca263.jpg

Conveniently, the SAE house was just a hop across San Gabriel Street where our friends were Cooking for Kids. Next stop on my West Campus foodie tour will be Twisted Root Burger Co, who already has a following from my Dallas friends.

And that's a wrap for my first--but certainly not final--installment of Sense Appeal for 2014.