Six Smiles


It's sort of comical that I pictured myself blogging in Paris daily. With so much to see in this city, it seemed like a shame to starve my eyes from the pleasure of Paris and stare at my computer. So, I set it aside but kept my camera close; here's a snapshot of six things that made me smile.

 photo kusmitea_zpseed4d49b.jpg
Sipping & shopping at the Lipton of Paris -- Kusmi Tea. I got green tea with a hint of grapefruit over ice to cool down on a summer Saturday of shopping with Jordan.

 photo tuckshop_zpsaf6f4b91.jpg
Meeting friends from home, Tricia & Annie, at TUCK SHOP in the 10th arrondissement, which is cropping up with contemporary chic caf├ęs like Tuck and its friendly neighbor, Holy Belly.

 photo levoltigeur_zps4fab0ee8.jpg
Stumbling upon spots like the charming Le Voltigeur in the Marais. Their wi-fi password is 'i love you' and business cards are stamped onto the pages of summer romance novels they slip onto your table.

 photo opera_zps7ce9dd89.jpg
Jordan offering her tour guide services by taking me through her favorite site, the Paris Opera House. It quickly became mine too.

 photo IMG_9139_zpse5f9e766.jpg
Exploring the street artist square, breathtaking views of and from Sacre Coeur, and darling boulangereies like this one in Montmartre--which was made even sweeter by my gelato cone in hand.

 photo artisan_zps5068cf42.jpg
My dressing room at my favorite shop in the scrumptious and stylish 2nd arrondissement, Le Sentier.

On a siesta in Sevilla as I write, I wonder if Spain will afford me any more blogging time. I have so much to share in words and in photos. I suppose time will tell but for now, I need to rest up for tapas tonight and my besties' arrival tomorrow! Now that will give me a big smile in Seville.



Carolyn said...

Really cute outfit and SHOES. Love some pink and white.