A Tally of Two Cities


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I'm having a hard time condensing my summer abroad into a Cliffs Notes version for the friends and family I've seen since arriving stateside. With about ten destinations in under ten weeks, I skip the details and resort to more general statements like, "it was the best" and "I had so much fun." Some have asked more specific questions and it's always fun to see what piques each person's interest.

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{lamar & clarke on the Guadalquivir river}
Some care more about what was on my plate than what palace I saw, but inevitably, everyone arrives at the same tride and true question. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but the answer is one size fits all: I had the time of my life! 

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{La Basilica de la Macarena}
My experience was unique, though. I didn't realize that I'd be going abroad not once but twice this summer. Once I got settled in Paris, I was uprooted and transported to Spain.

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Most people spend six weeks in one place for the summer. The braver souls with a bit more wanderlust in their systems venture off for a semester, something I'd recommend to all who have the time. Like Mollie who will be off to Copenhagen shortly. Or my friend Katie galavanting all across the continent.

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My program was eight weeks, split between two countries. Two. Very. Different. Countries.

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Naturally, people ask, which did you like more? Though it's tempting to just say Paris and move on, that's not really fair. It's like comparing oranges and apples. It's like Paris and New York...

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which brings me to my source of inspiration for this upcoming series of posts -- one of my favorite decorative books (which I just so happened to also read!) Paris versus New York.

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For BOD, the name of the game is Paris versus Sevilla. Maybe by the end we'll have a winner. Maybe not. But we'll have fun along the way.

rollin' on the rivers
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the Seine // the Guadalquivir
+1 for the Seine's beautiful bridges
+1 for the fact that I actually went on the Guadalquvir to paddleboard while I only stepped foot on the Seine's sidewalk shores

so a wash for this battle at sea

pretty pink places
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La Maison Rose in Montmartre // homes in Triana (Sevilla's Brooklyn, if you will)

this one goes to the cutest café in the world according to Buzzfeed and now BOD too. 
+1 Paris

visiting hours
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mon copain à Paris

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mi mamá en Sevilla

aw, don't make me choose!

weekend getaways 
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Bordeaux // Grenada

both had breathtaking views. both had wine. both are winners in my book. 

big bite from home
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Blend // House of Burgers

it seems only fair to give this to HOB 'cause a beef patty does an American girl right on the 4th of July (even if it did have brie!)
+1 Sevilla

places of praise
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Saint Chapelle  // La Basilica de la Macarena

+1 for those stained glass windows, Paris
-1 for being under construction
+1 for attending an actual service at Macarena
-1 for no AC

even steven. 

coffee shop regular
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Le Voltigeur // La Merceria

they both got the book shelf thing goin' but Le Voltigeur had an English wee-fee password ('iloveyou') and notes written in cappuccino froth, ooh la la!
 +1 Paris

summer school prof
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Tom // Carlos

Tom gets a B- and Carlos a solid A
+1 Sevilla

on every corner
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where's waldo?!

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brasserie bistro // tapas bar

They're everywhere but that's okay because they're amazing. I don't think I ever sat at either and didn't enjoy my experience, so a tie here too. 

good company
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meeting friends // meeting up with friends

the most wonderful wash of them all!

Two for two for now; stay tuned for the next round!


Carolyn said...

Cute post! Nice photo curating. You're right..too hard to compare. Very subjective, but it's ok if you have a favorite.