If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life


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In France, all high school students take the Baccalauréat, the university entrance exam. Their SAT basically. The tests are hardly similar, though, with the bac's essay questions digging a little deeper. Our professor in France shared the questions from this year's exam with us and two of them had to do with happiness:
Vivons nous pour être heureux? // Do we live to be happy?
Doit-on tout faire pour être heureux? // Should one do everything to be happy?
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I found it interesting that both of these questions were asked as they beg largely the same question, revealing how happiness will always remain a highly debated topic among the "big questions" in life. Purpose, meaning, and all that. Admittedly, this is the kind of stuff that comes to mind while you're abroad.

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To make a top score on the bac, I'd have to cite Aristotle and maybe mention Bentham's Greatest Happiness Principle, but I'll be more brief for BOD's sake.

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Of course, everyone seeks happiness and fulfillment, and while every act should not be for the sake of your own happiness, there sure are a lot of things that can make you happy.


where you are:
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the gardens in Granada or
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the Mediterranean in Mallorca,

how you get there:
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touring the Plaza de España by bike
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with Captain Caro
 photo 10463900_10204268936826128_8032690867679222445_n_zps67a8f201.jpg
and her crew of chicas

what you're wearing:
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matching pants or
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matching flamenco dresses
 photo 50953ac8-4be9-4c9e-822f-14f0be37a4c2_zpsc2a604f0.jpg
or matching fedora hats -- how fedorable?!

what time of day it is:
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Sevillan sunset on the 4th of July

what you're learning:
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the Alhambra
 photo IMG_9497_zpsa7bdd0c4.jpg
was the Muslim palace in Granada
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before it became the Christian court in 1492. And it is breathtaking.

what you're eating: 
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classic American burgers
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for the 4th of July!

or drinking:
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granizados, the Spanish slush!

what you're seeing:
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view of the old town in Granada from the Alhambra

and of course, who you're with:
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I don't know if I'd pass the bac, but as far as happiness goes, I have no doubt I'd rank in the top percentile.