Visual Aids


 photo annefrankwords_zpsc2cc9ea8.jpg
{notes written to Anne Frank in languages from around the world at the Zentrum in Berlin}
So far I've been to four countries with four different languages. My French skills flourished. I put my minimal German vocabulary to use in Berlin from the my sister's Austrian experience (danke Carolyn!). I was elated to engage with the chipper English-speakers in England. And Spanish, well, Spanish has been my biggest symptom of culture shock thus far.

 photo IMG_3013_zps2f1ca774.jpg
{impage-lover Oscar Muñoz's  photo with quote at his exhibition at the Jeu de Paume museum in Paris}
The initial shock made me recognize the universal language we all speak: visual communication. Via art, images and photos, we are all capable of interpreting messages images evoke. Though we have unique interpretations, the world around us is foreign to no one.

Most of yesterday, I focused on words. Today, I turn to images to share more of my experience with some photos I haven't yet shared. If a picture's really worth a thousand words, here's 10,000. No caption necessary.

 photo IMG_9127_zpsc285e1d1.jpg

 photo IMG_3554_zpsfb92434d.jpg

 photo helado_zps9b881a06.jpg

 photo sevillacolor_zpsce65bb48.jpg

 photo macarena_zps867d2ecd.jpg

 photo IMG_9247_zps20718993.jpg

 photo IMG_9430_zps5bedec22.jpg

 photo lightsstore_zpsfc355d3a.jpg

 photo IMG_9434_zps641623f4.jpg

I can't help but think of my thesis on how we communicate through social media visually as I write this. Language barriers have made me appreciate this means of communicating. Some photos were from Spain, some from France, but you get the picture.


Cathy McConn said...

Wish we had a beautiful river to dine near. So many sights. See you in 2 weeks!