Sense Appeal XXVI: Overseas Edition


for the eyes:
 photo IMG_9803_zps4481425c.jpg
Hotel Particulier Arles
While Europe in general is a feast for the eyes, this hotel had the most desirable courtyard tucked away in the small French town of Arles--the ideal escape after weeks of immersion in big city life.

for the mind:
At Sunday brunch a couple weeks back, my sis Erin pulled up an article listing Pope Francis's 'Ten Commandments' for the betterment of today's people and their overall happiness. All are worthwhile, but these three stood out.

1. Embrace a "healthy sense of leisure." Too often, he (I'd say accurately) claims people today dismiss pleasures like art, literature and playing together. So, turn off the TV when eating dinner. Put away your cell phone in the car. Leave work early. It'll all get done.

2. Sundays should be true days of rest and reserved for family. My mom has always applauded retail businesses that close on Sundays. I'm happy my Sundays spent slaving away on homework have come and gone, and I can be faithful to Sundays filled with family and friends. 

3. Stop being negative. Most of my woes would fall under #firstworldproblems, so I like to remind myself that I shouldn't let trivial troubles overshadow the many joys of my daily life. After all, I didn't say I was a glass-half-empty kinda girl.

for the ears:
I didn't listen to much music while I was abroad; but, when I did, Evvy's 'Got Me Movin' always made the playlist.

fashion for feel:
 photo photo3_zps393e898d.jpg
Prior to this trip, I'd always been overconfident in my abilities to travel in flimsy flip-flops. This summer, I succumbed to the idea of a more supportive closed-toe shoe. I soon learned that they were not only more practical but also more fitting footwear on the European sidewalks where sandals are just not a thing. And now, I'm bringing that style to State's streets.

for taste:
 photo IMG_9788_zps2f7343be.jpg
The most popular study abroad destination among my circle of friends has been Barcelona for obvious reasons--Spanish credit, city-wide wi-fi, beach access, etcetera.

 photo IMG_9791_zpsc70a18e6.jpg
I'd heard about Brunch & Cake from these friends more times than I could count and to be honest, I doubted it would be all it was cracked up to be.

 photo IMG_9780_zps4c2b523c.jpg
While en route from southern Spain to southern France, the besties and our moms made a pitstop in Barca with just enough time to see Sagrada Familia and grab a quick lunch at B&C. BELIEVE THE HYPE.

 photo IMG_9787_zpse836f99d.jpg
My brie strawberry sandwich served alongside a poached truffled egg salad with spinach leaves and chilled potatoes was out of this world.

 photo IMG_9784_zps3214383e.jpg
Smile, Meems!

 photo IMG_9785_zpsc9279f56.jpg
You're on coffee camera!