Story Time


Everyone loves a good story. This is where I tell mine.

When you were little, you were told stories before bed. On a good night (and when chapter books still weren't quiiite in your bookshelf reach), your stories had pictures.

The best picture books featured talking animals, beautiful princesses and magical lands far, far away.

It's that fantasy element we like; similar fantasies draw us into Instagram.

You liked the talking dog and the princess's beautiful long, blond hair. Now, you literally like the photo featuring the bite out of a burger, the mountaintop view, the catchphrase written in the cappuccino froth.

Photos help us tell our story. (Just ask SnapChat--the photo app launched its 'Story' feature almost a year ago and it looks like it's here to stay.)

Most of these stories--be it our Snap stories or Instagram feeds--have happy endings just like our picture books.

We share for people who care. Brands share for people who will buy.

Sprinkles sell.  Saturation and shadows help sell. Sunsets sell. The square symmetry of the photo helps sell.

There may be no magic photo formula, but I'm on a mission all year to find the closest thing to it.

The same things that generate 'likes' should also generate dollar signs for all companies looking to go social. I think there are tactics and tips to turn photo Likes into 'Add to Cart' clicks.

Bridget's Own Diary is building her brand too, sharing snippets of my story via Instagram.

Austin is the setting of this story, and it's a pretty fantasy-like playground what with camels on sorority house lawns, a breakfast taco joint for every gas station in town and coffee served on shaved ice.

Visual storytelling is a new art. As human beings, we're all storytellers, and Instagram is just a new medium to share. It also just so happens to be my favorite.

It's the marriage of a few concise words in a caption with a beautifully crafted image. It takes BOD to a smaller scale for everyday ease and use.

Everyone loves a good story. This (and Instagram!) is where I tell mine.