Just Keep Lovin'


I just read through three drafts that have been living in post-purgatory since September. I'm usually one to finish what I start, but in this case, priority took precedence.

My eye is pretty fixated on one prize and that's finishing senior year strong. For starters, that means finishing it. Completing the credits. Graduating. But, I'd also like to save the best for last. So far so good on that front.

My post count has declined with each year of college. Make of that what you will. To me, it's an indication that the real world just keeps gettin' better than any spin I can put on it in a virtual one.

It's kinda like that cheesy but true Dr. Seuss quote: "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." I know I'm in love with my life because reality is finally better than anything I can glorify or glamorize on Bridget's Own Diary.

I haven't fallen out of love with dreamy text and captivating photography. But, I work now! I still school. And don't worry, I play. A lot. But today, I'm gonna post. And I'm really excited about it.

To make aaaall that text worth your while, I owe it to you to prove that Bridget the blogger lives on. Here's how I live a life I love every single day.

 photo 2486f64c-a118-43ce-881a-c4cd3faa6378_zps554409c8.jpg
I love my house and the people inside it! I should take more advantage of the kitchen, though. One of the meals I did prepare included the veggie that is soon to put brussels sprouts out of business. Ok, not really, but I'd suggest you sell some sprout stock and invest in okra. After you do that, make a medley of it (whole!) with corn and cherry tomatoes. You'll see what I mean. William and I were proud of our home-cooked meal, but I'm far from a homebody these days. The odds of me staying in Austin are looking slim, so I'm savoring every second I have left.

 photo photo1_zps5b451c3e.jpg
Sometimes, that involves exploring somewhere new like Hoiden Supply Company -- a custom leather goods workshop meets coffee shop meets boutique.

 photo photo-24_zpse324d6a6.jpg
But other times, it's somewhere tried-and-true like Peter Pan Mini Golf.

 photo photo4copy_zps5520e121.jpg
Living in West Campus makes every part of Austin accessible. It's a stone's throw away from eclectic East Austin, lively downtown, the shops in South Austin and the inviting Tarrytown neighborhoods.

 photo photo2copy2_zpse7898a4e.jpg
I often walk along Scenic Drive mostly because it's less of a social hour than Town Lake with the same views. Hence the name. Plus, I get to marvel at mod homes neighboring the adorable older abodes.

William lives on South Congress, and we've been pleasantly surprised with how we've fulfilled our vision of walking to all the nearby spots that tourists flock to with good reason.

 photo photo5_zps10b04f0a.jpg
Like Jo's! Where Belgian Bombers really are the bomb. 

 photo photo2_zps11c6644b.jpg
And Town Lake, where we bent broke the 'No Swimming' rule.

 photo photo4_zpsd1563be5.jpg
No weekend keeps Austin weirder than Austin City Limits. I couldn't resist the festival full of fringe and new friends, like my blogger bud Annie Tucker from Take a Bite.

 photo photo1copy_zps0e3d753b.jpg
We "took a bite" of Paul Qui's steamed pork buns. She's a bloggin' BA 'cause she posts almost every day.

 photo photo2copy_zps7c2dc044.jpg
BOD bows down to you, TAB.

 photo boston_zps8d763afa.jpg
Oh, and I've been to Boston and back!

 photo photo2_zpsa8a942bf.jpg
I work at a place called Social Distillery. It's not a bar, but we have fun like people at bars do.

Speaking of...we have a really cute, really empty bar cart.
I saw Gone Girl last night & broke my Breakfast Club virginity not too long ago. Both worthwhile watches.
I'm all about that bass. Excuse me; radio hypnosis got the best of me. I'm all about Jon Bellion's "Run Wild."
Merl lives across the street from me behind a red door. Best friendly neighbors!!!
I spend Tuesdays & Thursdays discussing humans' social habits and foodie-ism.
I want camo pants. But fancy pants! Like these. All with ideas please come forward.
Up next as I forge ahead on my foodie list: St. Philip, Uchi chef's pizza parlor named for the patron saint of bakers.

 photo photo5copy_zps14c5e835.jpg
I could go on, but I've wasted far too much of your time, so happy weekending wherever that may be! I'm in Austin, so breakfast tacos are mandated. Those 4 are from Fresa's.

Drive through there and you'll find it hard to not be lovin' your life.