Nothin' Better


My blogging kindred spirit, Annie from Take a Bite, reminded me why I love blogging with this post -- Where I Want to Be. It transports. It encourages wild imagination.

She pulled four separate photos that let her imagination run wild with Thanksgiving festivity fantasies. I pulled one part from each description she attached to the photos to make my own little fairy tale:
"Warmed under a blanket, eating scones & drinking hot coffee, gabbing about how great life is with the people I love, thinking nothing could be better."
And it nearly came true yesterday as we gathered around a Monopoly board after our delicious lunch, laughing at the hilarious banter brought about from Sam negotiating with his personal financial adviser, otherwise known as his Pops.

With people I love all around, I sat there and thought to myself, nothing could be better.

Weezy Gets Wordy


Willa dedicated this short story to her mom for her birthday. She kindly shared it with her Facebook friends and 228 of those friends Liked it. I loved it.

"I used to want to be a writer.
Every night, I would sit on the kitchen floor while my mom cooked dinner.
I did not know how to spell, but I knew the alphabet.
I wrote the same first sentence of the same story every single night.
'Once upon a time there were a prince and a princess.'
It took me 45 minutes. Every single night.
And every night my mom would spell every word for me in between chopping onions, stirring soups, adding dashes of garlic powder, or steaming broccoli.
She never reminded me that we had started the same story the previous night. That she was tired of that story and wanted me to tell a new one. That she was tired of saying 'princess is just prince with two s's on the end.'
I thought my stories were brilliant and innovative--that one day they would be published. In some small way they were, for my mother published them prominently on her refrigerator door, laundry room wall, and bedside table. I picked up a lot from this nightly ritual.
I still know the alphabet.
I still do my work on the floor.
I still repeat things.
I still do not know what happened to that prince and princess.
I still love to ask my mother questions while she cooks.
And I am still--and always will be--in awe of my mom and the patience and pride she had to spell out the same eleven words for me night after night.
That is motherhood to me. It's spelling it out until your kids learn to spell it out themselves." -Willa Jolink

I got to watch my mom grill veggies, stir mac'n'cheese and pan sear red snapper last night. I'm home for the holidays! And very happy about it. Like Weez, I used to ask my mom questions while she cooked--from the constant "what's for dinner?" to "what's a natural log?" But last night, my mom and dad asked me questions--from "would you like a glass of wine?" to "how's your job?" I guess this means I've learned to spell things out myself.

Willa, her mom & sister Tatum

Weez, your mind is as beautiful as you are! Thanks for sharing.



If I had to declare my Love Language it'd be words with time coming in a close second. The two-for-one deal, spending time with someone sharing words, is of course my favorite way to express and receive love. And I cannot wait to do just that with my family over the Thanksgiving holiday. So, this week to give you my love and my thanks, I offer a few words every day.

 photo cityhop_zpseee0212b.jpg
Today's come from overseas, where one of my best friends, Mary Kate has been all fall. The architecture program took her city-hopping the first half of the trip. The last half, she called Paris home.

 photo CafedeF_zpsbebb6022.jpg
I was delighted to find a postcard addressed to 'Molly Bridget' last week with a photo of Café de Flore, where William and I grabbed our last lunch during his visit.

Since she'll be returning stateside late next week (ouuuui!), I'm sending you some cyber love, MK.

 photo cafe_zps68dbde95.jpg
I, too, wish I could be "exploring every cute café,

 photo channelparis_zpsd2f98d98.jpg
attempting the fashions of a true Parisian, and scouring the vintage flea" with you

 photo collage_zps149070b7.jpg
and am so thankful for "a bff who loves all the same things as me."

a bientot!

Gee, thanks!


Gratitude. It's a good attitude to embrace. I, for one, am thankful for today, one of my favorite days of the year: the day after Halloween. I'm all for a cause for celebration, but Halloween has never ranked high on my list of holidays.

 photo photo4_zps39b0ee93.jpg
This forced smile plastered across my face makes it evident this has held true for as long as I can remember. Dorothy was in no mood to go door to door in search of Twizzlers, Bottle Caps and the occasional pack of Skittles.

 photo insideforkamptaco_zps4cb40e90.jpg
{interior of fork + taco}
But, now the holiday season is here! And like I said, I'm all for celebrating. With the next holiday on the horizon being Thanksgiving, I want to make this entire month leading up to November 27th a time for appreciation. Too soon after the turkey and dressing feast, we turn our attention to our Christmas trees and wreaths.

In Europe, my friends and I got in the habit of taking note of things we were thankful for. I hate that I've broken this habit since coming home, so I'll make the Thanksgiving season my excuse to bring it back.

Lately, I'm thankful for

 photo BLOG_zpsab90e443.jpg
Being able to leave a mark on my brown sugar cappuccino cup at Sa-Ten Coffee nestled in the Canopy creative community. That and my Sriracha Mayo Smoked Salmon toast gave me just the right amount of fuel to charge through some thesis work and my last post.

 photo GALLERYWALL_zpsa31b53ae.jpg
Sharing a wall with this tasteful gallery wall my roommate Olivia curated last weekend. I like to say she hung the stars with the subtle star theme built in.

 photo photo-2_zps3103e420.png
Spending time with my sisters who teach me things like how to be resourceful with baby clothes, what a pagoda is and what not to wear on a brisk fall day in Boston.

Which brings me to my next point. I'm thankful that my roommates get me inside and out: Nicole posted this to my Facebook wall; safe to say it hit home with my cold-blooded self.

 photo Post_zpsc1ef9b2a.jpg
Seeing my mom's style throughout their couples trip in San Fran and Napa with her sister via social media. Her prints were on point with plaid one day and camo the next.

 photo photo-24_zps7f3bbce6.jpg
Tasting a traditional breakfast reconstructed. Caroline, my amiga in Spain, and I locked eyes with Apothecary's breakfast stack last Sunday and it was love at first bite!

 photo lacroix_zpsf564c6e1.png
Mrs. Lilien's comment above re La Croix, the sparkling water she's currently coveting it like most girls I know. Gents may too, but like someone recently pointed out, girls love to sip & snack. They just do. Add a French twist to a canned beverage and the female population is sold. Literally.

 photo champbrunch_zps64c6626b.jpg
Speakin' of, I give thanks to bubbles for brunch! In Boston no less.

 photo lineforoysters_zpsc7d29a9f.jpg
But we really came for that lobster roll. Thankful to have sisters willing to endure a line for a chop lickin' lunch.

 photo mimi_zps655c6ba8.jpg
An artistic inspiration for a friend like Mimi slash Meems (not to be confused with my mom!) who designed Gibroni's -- a Texicalitan food truck. She got to be at the soft opening last week, and I'll make sure to swing by just for the Speziato Sawse.

Friends streamin' on Netflix come the new year. Seinfeld, you best be next.

 photo 22e2f65d-d292-42e4-acae-87821268304a_zps9a39beec.jpg
Three's company at Myer's & Chang for a Sway-esque Sunday supper with my sisters.

 photo sunroom_zpsa0113fdc.jpg
The glow beneath the dressing room curtain at SUNROOM, conveniently next door to headdress on SoLa--hey, if SoCo can pull it off so can South Lamar!

 photo photo3_zps715ae8aa.jpg That Social Distillery's new home won't be too far from our Hot Mama's lunch hub 'cause I heart the lemon pepper hummus.

A viewing of Groundhog Day per the recommendation of Charles Murray in the final pages of The Curmudgeon's Guide to Getting Ahead. He says you can glean essentially the same important ideas from this film as you would from reading Aristotle. All in favor of the film option, say I! I.

 photo photo5_zps4b9c93af.jpg
#williamshand trending on my @BOD Insta feed like on today's post from our late lunch at fork + taco.
foodie fyi: beets beet the asian pear chicken.

 photo quinnieminnie_zps0f09a3a3.jpg
and finally, the sight of a Quinnie Minnie! All smiles unlike her Aunt Molly :)

I hope you--whether you consider yourself a Halloween hater or lover or somewhere in between--enjoyed your weekend from start to finish and find lots to be thankful for in the coming week.