Nothin' Better


My blogging kindred spirit, Annie from Take a Bite, reminded me why I love blogging with this post -- Where I Want to Be. It transports. It encourages wild imagination.

She pulled four separate photos that let her imagination run wild with Thanksgiving festivity fantasies. I pulled one part from each description she attached to the photos to make my own little fairy tale:
"Warmed under a blanket, eating scones & drinking hot coffee, gabbing about how great life is with the people I love, thinking nothing could be better."
And it nearly came true yesterday as we gathered around a Monopoly board after our delicious lunch, laughing at the hilarious banter brought about from Sam negotiating with his personal financial adviser, otherwise known as his Pops.

With people I love all around, I sat there and thought to myself, nothing could be better.


Unknown said...

Love this time of year! Love getting inspired from friends like you!