Good Golly Miss Grad


This morning, I post the final installment of "a week of words" circa Thanksgiving. I saved the best for last: a note from my parents for my impending college graduation. It's a sing-a-long to the tune of a namesake I learned to respond to from a young age...

Good Golly Miss Molly!!!!!!

Where has the time gone?
And what fun it has been.
 photo lovedhats_zpsbb6793b0.jpg
My little girl who loved to wear hats.
And pretend you were The Little Princess over and over...
You would sing songs but I got frowns if I listened.
 photo sis1_zps9461a708.jpg
Always had to sleep with one of your sisters. Good thing there were three to choose from.

Then Hunters Creek Elementary and spelling bees.
Spring Branch Middle School and gymnastics...and stressful gymnastics meets.
 photo 2_zps07c43a7b.jpgAnd then the big Memorial High School: studying too much, 3 years of cheerleading.
 photo siuperhero_zps6b1eb2a1.jpg
Choosing costumes for pep rallies (right up our alley!), cheer camp (never again!)

Bridget's Own Diary debuts. And is still playing.
 photo IMG_0183_zps8e4ff472.jpg
Then senior year and prom and more parties. Lots of fancy dresses worn once.
 photo IMG_1159_zpsf50d7b87.jpg
And finally, awards night and speeches. In the girliest dress.
You did it all with grace and determination (and maybe a teeny bit of stress).

Amidst it all, lots of college choices at first. Decisions, decisions. But UT won!
 photo IMG_7551_zps94a97222.jpg
Mom is happy :) So is a certain Duncan.
 photo kspps_zps2b29f81b.jpg
And Kappa Kappa Gamma won your heart. We are grateful for that. 

 photo IMG_2339_zps9523646e.jpg
 photo ScreenShot2014-12-17at94654AM_zpsf078e953.png
So many wonderful friends these past 3 1/2 years. 
 photo IMG_7302_zps8c226b75.jpg
And such fun to watch you thrive while coordinating rush: a huge accomplishment. 

Traveling in Spain and France this summer with you was an awesome treat. 
 photo IMG_9827_zps9b1313c7.jpg
France is our favey. 

You're a senior now and a beautiful 21-year-old lady. 
 photo IMG_9681_zps3978ba32.jpg
Ready to make your mark in the world...or maybe just in Texas. Which is fine with us. 

We are rich with just you. No accolades necessary. 

Seven is a very lucky number. 
Mom & Dad

Oh what fun it is to be this very lucky, very loved girl.


melissa said...

I loved this and truly where has the time gone? You have grown to be such a beautiful loving young lady and I know the whole family is so proud.