One Day...


I've found (this semester especially) you can do a lot in just one day. This was certainly the case on Saturday when I went to and from Dallas returning to Austin in time for dinner and drinks with friends.

Mary Kate (back from Europe!) shows me how to dine in Dallas at NUMBER ONE
The trip was well worth it as I finally made one of Camille Styles's book signings. I read the book cover to cover during my trip home. I like to think that loading my days with some work and some play, some rigor and some relaxation help me practice what she preaches throughout: to "celebrate the everyday."

This past week gave rise to several causes for celebration. They include

booking my flight to Aspen over the break, where I'll ring in the new year with friends and don this Noah Marion olive beanie on the Snowmass slopes

finding FedEx delivered joy to Jo's downtown with over two dozen darling dogs

bidding adieu to time well spent as part of the Internal Brewery at Social Distillery

finding boxed blog love delivered to my door step with immaeatthat's brownie mix from Take A Bite's Annie

fueling my brain and belly at Texas French Bread before putting the finishing touches on the first half of my thesis

It's easy to slip into a habit of celebrating every day come this time of year. Maintain that mindset throughout 2015 and it very well could be that "best year ever."


kylie @ immaeatthat said...

Thanks for sharing the brownie mix! Hope you enjoyed!!!<3!