...One Day.


Annie, a sneak peek at your delivery full of foodie goodies

Blogging is a lot like exchanging gifts. You give a little; you get a little.

When Annie from Take a Bite sent me brownies, this transaction was very tangible; but, swapping comments, stories and inspired thoughts online can be just as satisfying.

That satisfaction was still elevated when I was able to thumb through the text and feel the photographs in Camille Styles Entertaining: Inspired Gatherings & Effortless Style. 

I told you I read it in full on the way back to Austin from the Dallas signing. What I didn't tell you is that I gave a lot of thought as to what prompted me to take this last minute trip. It must be more than a signature or a savory cup of sweet potato soup at Number One. Though these were both draws!

While reading Chapter One, entitled 'Finding Beauty In The Details,' I got my answer:
"For as long as I can remember, I've sought out--and delighted in--beauty in the details. As a little girl, I collected stacks of binders full of images that inspired me"

"Me too!" I thought to myself, recalling ripping up NYLON magazine and tearing pages from Teen Vogue. I'd curate boards and keep the cut-outs in a chest at the foot of my bed, a treasure trove of paper beauty.

Those tangible tears led me here: to Bridget's Own Diary dot blogspot dot com. It's grown and matured in a lot of the same ways I have. Simply scroll to watch this evolution unfold or read Camille's discovery I have also found:

"As I got older, I discovered that beauty could...best of all [be found] in the moments shared with my family and friends that left me feeling cherished and cared for."

At the MADISON Dallas signing with Camille & former Camille Styles intern, Mary Kate
As long as I have beautiful moments sharing life with loved ones, I'll keep writing entries in this Diary. What I'd love is to thumb through its pages and write a book of my own one day. But, today kickstarts the weekend before Christmas, so we celebrate that with who else but those we love and cherish.


Unknown said...

you're too good to me Molls! Anxiously waiting up here in OK!