Wonders of His Love


I had the merriest Christmas ever. Here's a few reasons why:

-getting to relive my summer in the South of France through the pages of Provence, 1970
-packing my warmest woolies from my wardrobe for Aspen with William
-navigating Kuhl-Linscomb with my two sisters who have slowly but surely wet my appetite for home goods
-truly reliving my South of France summer when my mom showed her mom the photo book I made her of our trip
-visiting family in Dallas with the best mom and dad to this "baby" of the family
-testing the Poachpods I gave my mom for a perfectly poached egg
-old cookbooks in my grandma's kitchen; the recipes inside attest to her mantra, "butter makes it better"
-a lunch at Eatsie Boys with my favorite boy to eat with, William
-feeling cool this Christmas as the McConns caught onto the trend of selfie stick givin'
-effortlessly entertaining with an endive appetizer from Camille Styles for an inspired gathering on the Eve

Thing is, no photos were captured of the merriest moments of them all. Like,

-the candle lighting at midnight mass
-waking up to Santa with an Instagram video of Evan driving his new toy car he brought him
-hearing Quinn pronounce all the Parisian landmarks popping out of her anniversary edition Madeline book
-fireside movie night with my parents watching my favorite, The Holiday
-exchanging gifts with my oldest nieces, Ceci & Ana -- coffee mugs for Aunt Molly, ivivva for them!

these two angels, Ana & Ceci, will soon be the oldest of eleven cousins on our side of the fam
& finally the announcement of not 1, not 2 but 3 wonders of His love with new additions arriving in our family in 2015. OH WHAT FUN!

And the merriment goes on into the New Year. Happy, happy to you & all of yours!


Unknown said...

1. the poachpods!!
2. i love that the best things don't get photographed, it's the memories not the pictures that matter. I read a list of 2015 new years resolutions and one was not to let everyone know all aspects of our life, let somethings stay a mystery-i love this because i struggle with wanting to snapshot everything to show everyone, but why do they need to know? the best things are better kept to ourselves!
3. what a cutie aunt you are and congrats on the new babies in the new year, i'm so jealous!

What a merry life you have miss molly!! happy new year friend!