Oh Happy Days


The highlight of today was seizing the opportunity on a gorgeous afternoon to walk to campus for a meeting.

image via Camille Styles
Well, that stacks up second to my first published post on Camille Styles! Check out the feature on Gather & Feast for our 'Entertaining With' series.

I spent most of yesterday learning the ropes at my other office on 6th Street, GSD&M.

Sunday mornings, sans schoolwork, are becoming my new favorite day of the week -- especially when spent at the new Houston Whole Foods brewery brunch bar (plus pomegranate mimosas, please!)
At Sunday mass, the priest noted a French poet's work in his homily. I found it fitting for my New Year's Resolution (see post below) and fascinating enough to share. It's called, "Come to the Edge" by Guillaume Apollinaire. He writes,
"Come to the edge."
"We can't. We're afraid."
"Come to the edge."
"We can't. We will fail!"
"Come to the edge."
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew. 

The day before that, I wrapped Liv's belated birthday gift after lunching at a tried-and-true Houston spot, The French House. Never have I ever ordered anything but their chicken salad. 

Liv gifted me last Friday by curating this beautiful bar cart which has lived an empty life in our front entryway for far too long. 

Thursday, I got glossed for a photo shoot. Details next week! 

Wednesday morning, mama made these mini dill frittatas for breakfast.

Tuesday, my mom and I built this chest. I styled the top as a tribute to some of my favorite places with my most recent south Texas deer, vintage French luggage tags and a New York skyline straight from a street artist. 

Monday, I met an old friend, Amy Fry, at a new food find. Kraftsmen Baking in Houston's Heights neighborhood has opened their warehouse doors for breakfast, lunch and just recently dinner too. 

Though I had coffee with my salmon and lox bagel, I'm tempted to return just for the BYOB mimosa deal. You bring the sparkly stuff; they supply the fruity stuff. 

 The day before, I had a day at the museum with my dad and mom.

That night before, Evan ran the cash register and wrote me a receipt for the toy trucks I purchased from his shop--open late on Saturdays!

And the day before that, I posted about this week, which was also filled with all sorts of good things and great people.

Moorea Seal Mon Cahier Daily Planner // The {well} studio prayer journal for the Dreamer + Doer
Seems like I've always got a lot to be thankful for. Thank you for letting me share!

I Like to Move It, Move It


Today I move back to Austin.

Moving has been on my mind more than ever lately. I suppose that notion of "finding the grace in motion" planted this mindset in my head. Whatever it was, it's urging me to keep moving.

My mom took me to a luncheon to hear Headmaster Jason Hebert speak about Western Academy, a school for boys striving to raise young men as opposed to cookie-cutter classroom kids. The method to their madness involves a lot of movement for the boys. They climb trees. They run laps instead of being sentenced to time-out sessions.

That and this video at the Contemporary Arts Museum make me want to move. It showcases French ballerina Veronique Doisneau at one of my favorite Paris buildings, the Opera house. She has to suppress screaming when required to remain stationary on stage as other dancers parade around her for parts of the Swan Lake performance.

And this! Which just makes you want to dance. By the way, that's a good urge according to this article.

I'll no longer be behind classroom bars like "apparently" this kid "seriously" will for many more years (watch 2:20 & laugh). As much as I'll miss making my way around UT's famous 40 Acres, I'm thrilled to move onto office space.

When I'm not recruiting at Austin's premiere ad agency, GSD&M, I'll be writing content and curating posts for Camille Styles lifestyle blog. I am thrilled and blessed for both opportunities. For the latter one, I owe a nod to BOD.

I made my first visit back to my gymnastics gym after nine years this week. I jumped on a trampoline today--and just like nearly a decade ago--it was easily the best part of my day. So, I'll keep movin'. Along. On up. And forward!



images via fallenamongthestars tumblr // eslamoda blog

When my mom was on the hunt for a chest of drawers to alleviate some of the clutter congesting my closet, she turned to my oldest sister Amy. We went with this as I'm currently on a French red kick. 

Four grown daughters has my mom equipped with four personal shoppers each with their own area of expertise. And all with their own opinions. 

My most recent mission was a mug -- a microwave friendly mug. Bonus points for a fitting mantra along the side. Here's what I came up with: 
practicality meets style // the wood, a natural insulator, makes you cool & your coffee warm 

bottom left: Moon and Lola 'I'm So Fancy' mug
simply & to the point // just like she takes her coffee (sans sugar or cream)

middle: Nordstrom heritage collection mug
potentially fueling a visit to her favorite retail store // also a way to amp up your gift card giving game 

top right: vintage Monsteras stone mug
to hold with her green thumb // backside includes info on these jungle vines she already knows 

bottom right: Good Mom Mug
self-explanatory // reminds me of this awesome line of greeting cards

Along the way I, of course, found a few I wouldn't mind helping me start my mornings:

top left: ModCloth Smitten by the Same Bug mug
 no buggin' // before brewin'

 top right: Etsy large bike mug
to keep my creative juices flowing // & working wheels turning

bottom left: Society6 Dia de los Muertos mug
think pink // first drink

bottom middle: hoot onward & upward bottle
for on-the-go // mobile jo 

bottom right: ModCloth cactus what you preach mug
tastes like Texas // & makes you look alive

As I near the end of my nomadic stage of life, I find myself more and more enchanted with home goods. Starting small with searching for coffee cups, having an opinion on chest choices and dreaming of living behind these doors.

Rain or Shine


Instead of sighing in relief, I start this weekend smiling in good spirits as this week has treated me awfully well.

Saturday, my mom and I dodged the downpour inside new downtown Houston hot spot TOUT SUITE. Right after, I took cover with my sister-in-law at the theatre to see (& much enjoy!) Into the Woods.

Sunday evening, I prepared dinner for my parents while watching the Golden Globes.
*best dressed // best choice of words 

Ty was teased and likely tortured by my pie before it entered the oven. Find the pizza recipe here. Prepared with scallops, it's near perfection.

Monday afternoon was spent with Moll with an 'ie' at Canopy's new companion, Woodbar, a coffee shop in the AM and cocktail shop in the PM.

Tuesday, William came home!

image via Camille Styles
Wednesday, I landed my dream jobs. You don't say that every day, so that piece of news deserves a post all its own.

Thursday, my sister Amy and I welcomed the sunshine with a morning spent shopping outdoors and eating crêpes here at Sweet Paris.

& today, I can only hope the sun extends its stay through the weekend!

Sense Appeal XXVIII: Slopes Edition


for the eyes:
No Way // Yes Way from Molly McConn on Vimeo.
When there's a William, there's a way.

for the mind:
A Plan II peer of mine chronicles a food diary on her blog, Adventures With the Always Hungry. There, she offers what's brewing in her brain and cooking in her kitchen. And for the first post of the new year, buttermilk skillet cake was in the oven while a mantra to live by was on her mind.

She recounted how her four years at UT have largely been spent finding "a rhythm that makes sense." With college coming to a close, she is "trying to find the grace in motion" on her way out.

I did that quite literally navigating my way down all four mountains--Aspen, Buttermilk, Snowmass & Aspen Highlands.

It occurred to me on a ski lift watching rookie boarders recklessly make their way down and dads patiently guide their daughters, that the former gymnast and ballerina in me will always prefer precision over speed. That's what's uniquely beautiful about snow skiing; it's relaxing and exhilarating all at once. This pair of qualities makes it something you, the speed shredder, and I, the graceful glider can enjoy. Together.

for the ears:

I met the music of M83 with one of their less popular tracks, 'Too Late.'  It's one of my favorite songs to this day, and I predict "I Need You" will have a similar longevity in my list of music loves. It, and other songs by them, remind me of the rush of snow sports.

*an extra earful: This was the theme song to our New Year's Eve. Probs yours too.

fashion for feel:

For a cold-natured person like myself, escaping to a mountain town and wearing your thickest winter layers warms your body and heart.

The single-digit degrees we experienced made donning my fur vest, quilted snow boots and puffer jackets not only acceptable but necessary. I was decked from head--in my new beanie--to toe.

for taste: 
meeting up with friends fireside for aprés ski drinks and snacks in Snowmass Village at Venga! Venga! 
Not a bad meal was had mountainside or in the village, especially when warm food and drinks were involved. I was too busy downing the best chicken sandwich I've ever had at White House Tavern to even think about taking a picture, but here's a look. The Moscow Mule was also above average, which quenched my thirst for a midday mountain break.

Rack of lamb and the truffle butter here were melt-in-your-mouth good for a Monday night sendoff feast at Steakhouse No. 312.

The new HOPS Culture was reminiscent of Austin's Hopdoddy (for more than just the namesake). They served just what we wanted on a Sunday night--Colorado comfort food. We shared the jalapeno popper mac and a flight of local beers.

Last but not least was a benedict of champions. The menu at Over Easy offers 12 varieties of the breakfast classic. We were both drawn to the West Coast Benny with jalapeño, avocado and bacon and were happy we didn't have to share.

& that afternoon, I came home with an appetite for Aspen in the summertime!

No I in Fear


I'm a few days late on the New Year's reflections and resolutions post, but I come with a very valid excuse. 

I spent the first week of 2015 tackling that resolution. Yes, just one this year: face my fears. 

Having not grown up skiing regularly, my first go at the sport was in high school. By that point, steep slopes were scary, so I followed my fellow green run loving girlfriends. 

There, I was in my comfort zone, a place I've always liked to be in. But, with a new year, it seems only natural to try new things despite where they lie (or don't lie) in your zone.

Having this Aspen ski trip scheduled made this shift in mindset seem all the more fitting for this year in particular; moreover, the transition from school to career will likely make this resolution more real than I ever imagined. 

So, I skied. I survived. And I loved it!

As I strive to live a life with intention and meaning, this goal is aiming to extract more good out of life. Apparently, studies show "those who continue learning new things are happier than those who don't."

Currently coming off my Colorado mountain high, I'm happier than ever and can't wait to see what's in store for a fear-free new year.