I Like to Move It, Move It


Today I move back to Austin.

Moving has been on my mind more than ever lately. I suppose that notion of "finding the grace in motion" planted this mindset in my head. Whatever it was, it's urging me to keep moving.

My mom took me to a luncheon to hear Headmaster Jason Hebert speak about Western Academy, a school for boys striving to raise young men as opposed to cookie-cutter classroom kids. The method to their madness involves a lot of movement for the boys. They climb trees. They run laps instead of being sentenced to time-out sessions.

That and this video at the Contemporary Arts Museum make me want to move. It showcases French ballerina Veronique Doisneau at one of my favorite Paris buildings, the Opera house. She has to suppress screaming when required to remain stationary on stage as other dancers parade around her for parts of the Swan Lake performance.

And this! Which just makes you want to dance. By the way, that's a good urge according to this article.

I'll no longer be behind classroom bars like "apparently" this kid "seriously" will for many more years (watch 2:20 & laugh). As much as I'll miss making my way around UT's famous 40 Acres, I'm thrilled to move onto office space.

When I'm not recruiting at Austin's premiere ad agency, GSD&M, I'll be writing content and curating posts for Camille Styles lifestyle blog. I am thrilled and blessed for both opportunities. For the latter one, I owe a nod to BOD.

I made my first visit back to my gymnastics gym after nine years this week. I jumped on a trampoline today--and just like nearly a decade ago--it was easily the best part of my day. So, I'll keep movin'. Along. On up. And forward!


Ashley said...

Oh yes, I am digging the Maroon 5 video (although I don't like their new music as much as their old stuff). But yeah, if Adam Levine surprised me anywhere...? I'd faint.

melissa said...

Love this post!