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When my mom was on the hunt for a chest of drawers to alleviate some of the clutter congesting my closet, she turned to my oldest sister Amy. We went with this as I'm currently on a French red kick. 

Four grown daughters has my mom equipped with four personal shoppers each with their own area of expertise. And all with their own opinions. 

My most recent mission was a mug -- a microwave friendly mug. Bonus points for a fitting mantra along the side. Here's what I came up with: 
practicality meets style // the wood, a natural insulator, makes you cool & your coffee warm 

bottom left: Moon and Lola 'I'm So Fancy' mug
simply & to the point // just like she takes her coffee (sans sugar or cream)

middle: Nordstrom heritage collection mug
potentially fueling a visit to her favorite retail store // also a way to amp up your gift card giving game 

top right: vintage Monsteras stone mug
to hold with her green thumb // backside includes info on these jungle vines she already knows 

bottom right: Good Mom Mug
self-explanatory // reminds me of this awesome line of greeting cards

Along the way I, of course, found a few I wouldn't mind helping me start my mornings:

top left: ModCloth Smitten by the Same Bug mug
 no buggin' // before brewin'

 top right: Etsy large bike mug
to keep my creative juices flowing // & working wheels turning

bottom left: Society6 Dia de los Muertos mug
think pink // first drink

bottom middle: hoot onward & upward bottle
for on-the-go // mobile jo 

bottom right: ModCloth cactus what you preach mug
tastes like Texas // & makes you look alive

As I near the end of my nomadic stage of life, I find myself more and more enchanted with home goods. Starting small with searching for coffee cups, having an opinion on chest choices and dreaming of living behind these doors.


Unknown said...

I love those mugs! Wish I drank coffee, ha! I'm with you on ready to settle down though. I'm back in Austin for my final semester at UT also and I am so ready to just have one home that stays static for a while (filled with cute decorations of course!).

- Claire