No I in Fear


I'm a few days late on the New Year's reflections and resolutions post, but I come with a very valid excuse. 

I spent the first week of 2015 tackling that resolution. Yes, just one this year: face my fears. 

Having not grown up skiing regularly, my first go at the sport was in high school. By that point, steep slopes were scary, so I followed my fellow green run loving girlfriends. 

There, I was in my comfort zone, a place I've always liked to be in. But, with a new year, it seems only natural to try new things despite where they lie (or don't lie) in your zone.

Having this Aspen ski trip scheduled made this shift in mindset seem all the more fitting for this year in particular; moreover, the transition from school to career will likely make this resolution more real than I ever imagined. 

So, I skied. I survived. And I loved it!

As I strive to live a life with intention and meaning, this goal is aiming to extract more good out of life. Apparently, studies show "those who continue learning new things are happier than those who don't."

Currently coming off my Colorado mountain high, I'm happier than ever and can't wait to see what's in store for a fear-free new year. 


Abby said...

I was so jealous of all your Aspen pics on Insta! Like you my first time skiing was in high school, but I've gone several times since and I absolutely love it!