Rain or Shine


Instead of sighing in relief, I start this weekend smiling in good spirits as this week has treated me awfully well.

Saturday, my mom and I dodged the downpour inside new downtown Houston hot spot TOUT SUITE. Right after, I took cover with my sister-in-law at the theatre to see (& much enjoy!) Into the Woods.

Sunday evening, I prepared dinner for my parents while watching the Golden Globes.
*best dressed // best choice of words 

Ty was teased and likely tortured by my pie before it entered the oven. Find the pizza recipe here. Prepared with scallops, it's near perfection.

Monday afternoon was spent with Moll with an 'ie' at Canopy's new companion, Woodbar, a coffee shop in the AM and cocktail shop in the PM.

Tuesday, William came home!

image via Camille Styles
Wednesday, I landed my dream jobs. You don't say that every day, so that piece of news deserves a post all its own.

Thursday, my sister Amy and I welcomed the sunshine with a morning spent shopping outdoors and eating crêpes here at Sweet Paris.

& today, I can only hope the sun extends its stay through the weekend!