Sense Appeal XXVIII: Slopes Edition


for the eyes:
No Way // Yes Way from Molly McConn on Vimeo.
When there's a William, there's a way.

for the mind:
A Plan II peer of mine chronicles a food diary on her blog, Adventures With the Always Hungry. There, she offers what's brewing in her brain and cooking in her kitchen. And for the first post of the new year, buttermilk skillet cake was in the oven while a mantra to live by was on her mind.

She recounted how her four years at UT have largely been spent finding "a rhythm that makes sense." With college coming to a close, she is "trying to find the grace in motion" on her way out.

I did that quite literally navigating my way down all four mountains--Aspen, Buttermilk, Snowmass & Aspen Highlands.

It occurred to me on a ski lift watching rookie boarders recklessly make their way down and dads patiently guide their daughters, that the former gymnast and ballerina in me will always prefer precision over speed. That's what's uniquely beautiful about snow skiing; it's relaxing and exhilarating all at once. This pair of qualities makes it something you, the speed shredder, and I, the graceful glider can enjoy. Together.

for the ears:

I met the music of M83 with one of their less popular tracks, 'Too Late.'  It's one of my favorite songs to this day, and I predict "I Need You" will have a similar longevity in my list of music loves. It, and other songs by them, remind me of the rush of snow sports.

*an extra earful: This was the theme song to our New Year's Eve. Probs yours too.

fashion for feel:

For a cold-natured person like myself, escaping to a mountain town and wearing your thickest winter layers warms your body and heart.

The single-digit degrees we experienced made donning my fur vest, quilted snow boots and puffer jackets not only acceptable but necessary. I was decked from head--in my new beanie--to toe.

for taste: 
meeting up with friends fireside for aprés ski drinks and snacks in Snowmass Village at Venga! Venga! 
Not a bad meal was had mountainside or in the village, especially when warm food and drinks were involved. I was too busy downing the best chicken sandwich I've ever had at White House Tavern to even think about taking a picture, but here's a look. The Moscow Mule was also above average, which quenched my thirst for a midday mountain break.

Rack of lamb and the truffle butter here were melt-in-your-mouth good for a Monday night sendoff feast at Steakhouse No. 312.

The new HOPS Culture was reminiscent of Austin's Hopdoddy (for more than just the namesake). They served just what we wanted on a Sunday night--Colorado comfort food. We shared the jalapeno popper mac and a flight of local beers.

Last but not least was a benedict of champions. The menu at Over Easy offers 12 varieties of the breakfast classic. We were both drawn to the West Coast Benny with jalapeño, avocado and bacon and were happy we didn't have to share.

& that afternoon, I came home with an appetite for Aspen in the summertime!


Unknown said...

you never fail to amaze me with your words miss molly! i feel like i'm in your brain when you express your thoughts in words! An act i'm working on!