Toasting 22


I'm constantly scouring for small joys in simple, everyday things (like shortbread cookies for breakfast courtesy of my co-worker, Jessi). Since your birthday isn't every day, you could say I felt extra special for the past week or so. 

Much in part thanks to these two who have already made my life full of laughter and love. I suspect my besties will serve me just the same for year 22 and beyond.

In semi-grown up fashion, my besties, roomies, MK and I went to Lenoir's wine garden for happy hour.

Tucked behind the quaint restaurant facing South Lamar (voted best in Austin in 2014), the garden was the perfect place to toast an early birthday with rich conversation and Pinots.

The gelato shop next door, Dolce Neve, proved to be a more than adequate substitute for cake.

 I found the cacti along the window sills a fresh, unexpected Texan twist from the two Italian shop owners.

MK and I typically split shared plates when we dine out, so it was no surprise when we had identical orders: dark chocolate with Maldon salt + fromage blanc with apricot. Both salty'n'sweet!

Not unlike this Valentine that, Chanel, another co-worker, gave me before I headed for Houston.

Inspired by such clever craftiness and this post, I felt compelled to make something with my own two hands. With my affection for words, a classic (& miniature!) message-in-a-bottle seemed most fitting. 

I unwrapped my gift from Merl, this mug--inspired by this post perhaps?! And our recent conversation about our shared--and borderline unhealthy--fetish for home goods.

I spared my mom the search for a birthday gift and instead opted for a shopping trip together where we'd find a goodie or two along the way. We did! But, I saved the best celebration for last; William, my fellow oyster feen and number one fan, took me to Liberty Kitchen.

We devoured a dozen oysters, something from the land and the sea, and I blew out a candle resting in caramelized raspberry bread pudding. After that, a low-key Valentine's Saturday night felt in order, so he cooked this lamb while I accompanied it with this veggie and supposedly sexy side.

Sunday was relaxed as it should be. Scattered showers came and went at the Rice baseball stadium, but we walked away with a Longhorn win in our Houston hometown. 

photo via @chaneldror
And then it was Monday and work was to be done. Now, it's Thursday, which shall be celebrated in its own rite!


Unknown said...

-trefoils>shortbread cookies
-your gelato is spot on what i would have gotten, a little rich a little fruity
-oh my i would die for some of those Oysters at Liberty and the whoa
-and i mean that valentines menu, unreal. just pinned that "sexy side" to remember for the future!

Happy 22!