Relocated & Refreshed


Some of you may recall BOD's hack attack a few years back. I'm happy to report BOD will now live in dot com world with its new domain, Feel free to bookmark that site, but you can still be directed via the dot blogspot page.

outdoor seating area at Enoteca Vespaio, favorited Italian spot on South Congress
I am stealing the words (or word, rather) out of Camille's mouth when I say I am giddy about the current weather conditions. Knowing it's here to stay puts me in the best spirits and eager as ever to share the latest and greatest with you!

Over spring break, I set aside work to focus on school. The only thing sitting between me and graduation on Memorial Day weekend is my 60-page thesis. I spent the first half listening to experts speak on company culture, Millennial mindsets and visual communication at SXSW Interactive Fest.

Meanwhile, I broke in my new shoes and the new JW Marriott on 2nd and Congress with thousands of others also attending the festival. I am dying to try Burger Bar, but not wanting to brave the lines, I found a better option...

strayed from the Tiger Cry for the first time and ordered the Nashi Pear Chicken--delish! and tried the chicken coconut broth soup, sweet enough for a spectacular dessert
Sway take-away with my family! My sister and her fam are settled in south Austin, so I spent time with them and Amy, my Houstonian sis, who brought her kids in for spring break. The long weekend started with Sam's Lego lovin' 7th birthday party...

and concluded with a full day at the Natural Bridge Caverns. With these peak weather conditions, may need to make a trip myself.

My time spent in 15-hours worth of SXsessions was the perfect launching pad into a week at home devoted to the project. Chalked full of inspiration to crank away, I headed into the weekend with far more accomplished than I thought possible (including a busted March Madness bracket thanks to 'Nova).

{adjacent to W + M sits Slow Dough, the resident bake shop.}
Friday, Kirby and I caught up at the new Weights + Measures in midtown. She and Andy welcome their first son, Max, into the world in August! But have a babymoon in Bermuda planned before his arrival.

image via Ligne Magazine
William and I went on a triple date with them and my parents at BCN that night. It brings Houston the taste and tradition of Barcelona all while tucked in a 1920s Montrose home. Highly recommend.

As I explore various necks of the Houston woods, I grow more and more proud to call it home. William and I took our first step onto the Rice campus on a rainy Saturday and both commented on its distinctively "college" feel.

Spring edition of Kinfolk magazine
As soon as Sunday morning arrived, sunshine was pouring into my window. With that, I celebrated the day the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow so poignantly described as, "the golden clasp that binds the volume of the week together."

Sense Appeal XXIX


This post went live on blogger bestie, Take a Bite's site, yesterday. It was my very first guest post and I hope it won't be my last. I also hope she won't mind if I borrow it back for my faithful BOD-ers.

for the eyes: 
Inspiration board at the Camille Styles office fed our creative juices on the fifth and final day of the work week, Friday!

Click here to see me and Olivia's original, orange bloody mary that went live yesterday on the site.

for the mind:
I watched the sun rise on Sunday and Monday morning. Until my Dallas friends reminded me how unpleasant their trek home is on I-35, I took the scenic trip to Houston for granted.

So, this weekend, I soaked it up for all it was worth, finding it all the more therapeutic in the wee hours of the morning. It reminded me of this article, noting how we can take "immense pleasure in the natural world [because] all the natural world bears the stamp of the God that made it."

for the ears:

A story in lieu of a song this go-around.

I'm studying visual communications for my thesis, so Sister Corita Kent's ability to look at pop culture images "from a slightly different angle" spoke to me.

She makes art out of ads, turning mere marketing into powerful messages like in this Beatles poster:

Listen here for more on how this nun made a lasting and loving influence on the world of pop art.

fashion for feel:

In need of a mid-weight jacket on a mild Texas winter day, I bent (broke, really) the fashion rule of avoiding white before Easter with this blazer.

image c/o Kate Zimmerman w/
Chanel had a spare after this shoot and encouraged me to add it to my closet, the perfect addition to the more professional wardrobe I'm building slowly but surely.

for taste:
Grandma's hummus spread on Ezekiel english muffins, topped with barely pickled cucumbers
I've never pegged myself a picky eater. I'm not even partial when it comes to one part of the food pyramid over the next; though lately, my taste buds are becoming more selective when it comes to my favorites.

I'll forever be the number one fan of brussels from Fresa's and pitas from Smoothie Island. And in today's grocery store landscape where hummus varieties are as vast as cereal, I choose grandma every. single. time.

I finally made my way to grandma's (now operated by granddaughter) kitchen, The Mediterranean Chef CafĂ©, where they offer a small lunch menu as well as their wholesale goods. Grandma shows the love as all first timers leave with hummus on the house.

Hope I too have spread some love and inspiration on my first guest post. Happy Friday's Eve!