Use Your Time Wisely


my road trips to and from Houston usually feature a sunset or rise
I'm big on time. And I'm even bigger on using it wisely. A task at work today had me ruminating on how to spend one's morning. As I've developed my fairly regimented schedule this semester, I have also carved out a morning routine: it's calm and occupied only by things I love. That way, when it comes time for things I maybe don't love so much, my day is already a success with items of the utmost significance squared away.

Yesterday, however, I cherished twilight's hour most. This weekend, I thumbed through interior designer and entertainer extraordinaire Timothy Corrigan's book showcasing his chateau in France (which he insists is merely a country home exuding casual elegance). Whatever you say, Tim...

photo by Eric Piasecki
At the start, he praises his piece of property for the way it rests within nature's beauty. He writes,
"Château du Grand-Lucé is a true product of the Age of Enlightenment; as such, it expresses the belief that life is most fully experienced when the abundant pleasures of nature are integrated into one's daily existence.
I found that fullness in a trail I stumbled upon walking along Scenic Drive. The lake water below me gently brushed against the cliffs in the same way the sun set behind them.

Sitting there, experiencing these "abundant pleasures" I watched nature's clock tick instead of my phone's. Knowing my clock will soon be dictated by my career and someday, kids, it was nice to soak up the slowness of the sun.


The English Rose Girl said...

Wow, beautiful pictures x