What I Learned


BOD dry spells are usually a result of having too much to say rather than not enough.

I've been thinking about updating my inspiration page (where art thou Camille?) and header, removing "college" and replacing it with an appropriate homage to my young adulthood. I think and I think, rarely making time to actually write. I think it's the gravity of the change that comes with graduation that gets me. There's really no need to swallow it whole, so with the little time left before starting my big girl job, I'm sharing what I've learned and loved the past four years and some of what's in store for me and BOD.

We'll start with what I learned:

Relationships matter most.
I was fortunate enough to maintain friendships from home (hi, Caro) and make new besties (that's you, Merl). The list goes on, but relationships became more a matter of quality over quantity with each successive year. (I advise all freshmen to focus on friends and fun--that's all!) Then, of course, there's William, who helped me recognize the value in several of these lessons, like how...
What may not seem best for you is best for someone else.
College is notoriously a selfish stage of life. Significant others celebrate selflessness and sacrifice, a craving we all (whether we realize it or not) seek to satisfy. Keeping in mind what was best for him and us as well as me, myself and I made me realize that creating others' happiness was the best way to achieve my own. Approaching all relationships with this attitude brings a greater sense of balance into your life, yet ultimately, I've learned it's best to...
 Strive for imbalance.
This was a takeaway from a Family Sociology class. The pursuit of balance--particularly for a perfectionist--can easily have a negative impact on our lives. Instead, we'd do best to deliberately be off balance in order to improve ourselves and to love. Spreading yourself thin in an effort to live a "balanced life" cuts off a deeper connection to self and to others. The path to a purposeful life is one that doesn't make stops for things that don't really matter in the end. With that, keep in mind that...
Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.
Conviction was something I lacked coming into college in the sense that I was always unsure of my decisions. When I chose to do one thing, I wondered if I should be doing the other. My friend Elizabeth made a remark last summer in Spain causing me to realize that my indecisiveness was rooted in a fear of disappointment. This, no doubt, robbed a good amount of the enjoyment from the thing I chose to do. Instead of weighing pros and cons, I now choose the things and people that bring me real joy. Doing so became easy when I realized
Prayer makes anything possible.
Time has proven the power of prayer as blessings have been bestowed upon me far beyond my requests. They have also been answered in different ways and at different times than I expected or imagined. These experiences have inspired a constant intention for a trusting state of mind that puts peace over plans.  
Up next: what I loved...with photos, promise. Keeping it wordy for Wednesday. Love to all!


Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS! I just finished my sophomore year in college and stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago (I'm new to the blogosphere, haha) and I totally feel myself struggling with that same conviction issue of doubting my choices and path. I so so so appreciate hearing that things work themselves out in the end. You're an awesome writer, keep up the great work!!

Unknown said...

i want you to come in my brain and think for me! you have some great thoughts and realizations stirring around about there! love ya molls!