What I Loved


A year ago today I landed at Charles de Gaulle airport, stepped onto the streets of Paris and stayed for ten weeks.
The highlights are hashed out here, here, here and here. It'll probably take 1-2 posts to recognize why my experience abroad was one thing I loved about college...among other things like Austin, Camille's, the closeness to home, and the distinctiveness of each year.

Funny thing: when I packed my bags (any many, many boxes) and headed to Austin in August of 2011, I already anticipated loving going abroad. What I developed sooner, though, was a love affair with Austin.

The food scene is phenomenal. To a native Houstonian, opportunities to spend time outdoors seem infinite. Done right, Austin is anybody's dream city. My own were fulfilled as I was able to sustain my creative side while finishing school.

I suppose this is as appropriate a time as any to pay homage to Austin for the chance to work with the Camille Styles team. Coming into college, I planned on putting my wildest dreams to the wayside for the sake of pursuing normality in a nine-to-five.

The farther I got along, I thought, the more far fetched the blog business ambitions would become. Camille and her partner-in-crime Chanel showed me otherwise.

Where it will lead me only time will tell. But, stay tuned for the final post of this series, What's Next, for some idea.

My mom swore I'd be glad I could come home at my leisure if I chose to be a longhorn. She was right. Knowing the drive was doable on any given day was comforting; actually doing it was rare, albeit this last semester ;)

That being said, I can't help but predict that somewhere down the line, I may start to feel a bit trapped in a Texas-sized bubble. I would, in other words, welcome opportunities to explore new places and experience new spaces.

I am, however, happy to be in Houston for now, though, as I had a new home all four years. Moving in and out wasn't my (or my mom's) favorite time of year by any means, but it did make them all stand out.

At Hardin House, I had the longest sleepover with Merl, my first and greatest college friend. Sophomore year saw the likes of a more independent lifestyle and introduced William into my life. Living under the sorority's roof properly punctuated my role as Kappa's Recruitment Chair.

And for the past nine months, Nicole and Olivia were the best people to come home to every day. The love list goes on, but I go to work tomorrow, so that's all for now.


Unknown said...

"explore new places"...like Oklahoma:))))