A Series: Six Smiles


Since studying abroad, I have seen very little of my SLR camera. iPhones make for an easy cop-out when needing to snap a quick shot-- see my Instagram! I was flattered and inspired by a recent compliment to my camera skills, especially coming from one of my most architecturally and artistically inclined friends, Mary Kate.

So, like last year, I'll use this diary to show rather than tell what I'm doing with six shots worth smiling about--now a regular summer series here on BOD.

blooming jasmine lining every inch of Houston's home goods haven, Kuhl-Linscomb

a cord taco (courtesy of Sugar & Cloth) to organize my on-the-go office life with EY. matches my business card holder to a tee, Kirbs!

open skies kissing wide open spaces an hour outside of town during a rejuvenating overnight escape to Bellville

colorfully curated displays in RBTL, a shop down the street from my downtown Dallas offices. I popped in during lunch to (successfully!) search for a dad's day card.

royally celebrating National Donut Day--had my first and far from last Cronut from this local (but def not organic!) shop

a stylish mom and sister's closet to shop in (thanks again for this midi dress, Ames!) and the girl with the pearls reinvented with my new necklace I received as a grad gift from a favorite family 

Tune in next week for a full-blown photo shoot inspired by my recent Houston dining experience at Oxheart. The chef tells all and the photos show all the details of the stunning space, beautiful plating and delicious dishes!

Happy weekend 'til then!