Six Smiles


Friday fuel
In college, the line between work and play was blurry. I'm quickly adapting to my nine-to-five routine, and a big part of that is rejoicing for the weekends.

my other sis Erin (who also has a bump!) handcrafted this monogrammed gift bag
Kirby, Max's mama by end of summer, was all smiles as she was showered with love and loot last Saturday.

Molly McCann's beautiful bridal cake - yes, we've been mixed up more than once!
As wedding bells continue to chime throughout the summer, I thought this piece was timely. It opens up the case on whether weddings have leapt too far from a simple celebration to a competitive craze.

As a new grad, this introductory line in this Wall Street Journal article resonated:
"To a 22-year-old excited by the prospect of frequenting bars that seemed kegs and kegs away from the beer-and-shot-soaked college spots...left behind just a month prior; [the gin and tonic] was an exotic beverage. Not vodka; gin. Not soda; tonic. This, friends, was a drink for grown-ups." 
It also inspired my Pliny's Tonic order from Anvil's list of classic cocktails during happy hour (or hours, rather!) with Mollie.

two spicy gin cocktails for two grown-up girlfriends
Concocted with Citadelle dry gin, lime, cucumber, mint and habanero, that final ingredient put a Texas twist on my favorite drink from France last summer.  

My new raincoat purchase (encouraged by my sister Amy from new Houston boutique Monkee's) was my way of preparing for Tropical Storm Bill.

I hope more sunshine (and smiles!) are to come in this weekend's forecast.


Unknown said...

I wish I could be grown up enough to drink gin but my taste buds haven't quite gone there yet. I do however love a spicy cocktail, you might be able to sway me with that lime habanero!

And how funny life has changed in the last month. Friday and Saturday night have never been more celebrated now that we are working girls!