What's Next


I felt torn between two job opportunities as graduation neared.

I'm blessed to have six older siblings (plus five spouses) who have been there done that, so to speak, whenever I hit one of life's major milestones. Making career choices is one of those, especially your first. I consulted my close friends, too, who were just as helpful as they sorted through these decisions for themselves.

Nicole (a bestie, and roomie at the time) shared a piece of advice that really stuck. In so many words, she encouraged me to narrow the time frame I was thinking in. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the very fuzzy future of five years from now, I found clarity and comfort in thinking in terms of tomorrow and next year. 

So, I approach this last installment of this post-grad mini-series with that in mind. At this point, what's next is pretty unpredictable. For 22 years, this wasn't so: high school followed middle school; college came next. But now, school no longer structures my days or my life. Some see this as an ugly truth, but it really excites me. Two weeks in at EY and so far, so great. 

Believe it or not, I planned on sort of parting ways with BOD with this post. I thought I better feel out this full-time job thing before deciding that was an appropriate move to make. Turns out, that little time changed my mind. This was and will always be my little creative refuge, no matter how often I'm able to make the escape.

It seemed all the more unnatural after I considered my internship with Camille and recent sources of inspiration, like visiting the studio space pictured above. It's home to Sugar + Cloth, a sparkly blog housed in Houston.

I'd be lying if I said BOD 2.0 wasn't always on the back of my mind. As it becomes top of mind, you'll be first to know, but for now, BOD will be what it was always meant to be: my very own diary.