Six Smiles


hi & happy Sunday!

I hope, like me, you took time to rest today. After traveling to Dallas for three days of team meetings, it felt necessary. And in preparation for a week in Orlando with 3,500 interns, I hope it will prove to be rejuvenating. 

here are 6 things making me smile lately:

Just when I started saying St. Anne's novena (thanks to this site), I wound up at her namesake church in Houston last Saturday morning

right before my first trip to the Urban Harvest Farmers Market  around the corner. I had two seasoned vets by my side who showed me how to pick the finest and the freshest, like these cucumbers.

The Joule 
in downtown Dallas made my purpose for travel look a lot more like pleasure than business.

The craft drip coffee at Weekend in the downstairs lobby got the days started off on the right foot. 

The Prosecco by the pool topped if off quite nicely. 

For today, a home-blended berry coconut smoothie was the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon snack to sip on while finishing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Favorite quote: "Beautiful things don't ask for attention.

The movie came highly recommended from Kirby on our double date with them last night when discussing how rare quality TV and movies have come to be. That is unlike restaurants, like Roost, which we thoroughly enjoyed with our soon-to-be mom and dad company.

Long Distance Love


Mimi living and loving the LA life 

For four years, my best friends and I lived in the same zip code. Some of us shared a street name or a roof, and literally overnight, many of us became long distance.

Katie's taste test of life in NYC last summer

They're on one coast (Mimi, my Cali girl) or the other (MK takes Manhattan) or somewhere in between like Dallas, DC,

and OKC where blogger bestie remains. 

So I hold all Houstonians near and dear to my heart. I saw three besties back-to-back yesterday, and I take the joy of quality time with them with me into two weeks of work traveling.

Absence is making my heart grow fonder for all of you and feel bitten by a travel bug to visit in due time! 

Six Smiles


{a rosemary currant scone, cold brew coffee & almond croissant at Catalina Coffee Shop}
Mollie is always good company, 

particularly over Catalina coffee and morning pastries.

She and others like Kathryn Stouffer (check out her Prague blog - Aha! Praha) encourage all of my blog endeavors.

{beating the heat with Sno Beach -- kiwi meets tutti frutti}

So I continue to write, knowing well that that requires lots of play,

{his crab florentine > my breakfast crab cake, admitting defeat this time}
which was no problem this past weekend in Austin with brunch at Perla's

prior to getting poolside at Barton Springs. 

And now, I'm happy to be home where most of my loved ones live...besides a best friend and birthday girl -- who I now share the same job title with. See you in DC, Merly!

Word Hard // Play Hard


I've mentioned the St. Benedict medal I wear before. In my favorite TED talk (for now), Nigel Marsh quotes him as he introduces his ten-minute talk on work-life balance.


My major takeaway? Too often, we subject ourselves to "fitting it all" into a time frame that is either too limiting--a day--or too overwhelming--a lifetime. A week might help us preserve the balance we're all pursuing, both in our professional and personal lives.

Like today. Today, I'm happy we're halfway to Friday.

Six Smiles


My Fourth was spent poolside with family. Sunshine was abundant all day, and fireworks stormed the sky that night in what my siblings and I agreed was the best show we'd ever seen live.

The flexible work environment at EY lets me enjoy the fruits of my decorative labor while working from home.

Working off-site isn't so bad either--a social event brought my team back in time to a roller skating rink.

My favorite siggi's flavor (partially because it's my nickname's sake) accompanied by the cutest snack size tupperware to take to the office.

I learned new rules to the old game of gin rummy but was sorely defeated by my dad.

This strawberry almond skillet cake kept us feeling festive into Sunday morning, the fifth of July.

not pictured: learning the fine art of folding a men's button down //  it's official! she's a Longhorn. // @thehappyhunters--a lovely addition to my Instagram feed // exchanging everything from spiritual thoughts to new songs to shrimp nachos with sister-in-law, Kirb

And another work perk: my holiday weekend continues into tomorrow. Plan is to make a personal day out of the time off with those odds and ends that always trail on the to-do list. Wish me luck!