Six Smiles


{a rosemary currant scone, cold brew coffee & almond croissant at Catalina Coffee Shop}
Mollie is always good company, 

particularly over Catalina coffee and morning pastries.

She and others like Kathryn Stouffer (check out her Prague blog - Aha! Praha) encourage all of my blog endeavors.

{beating the heat with Sno Beach -- kiwi meets tutti frutti}

So I continue to write, knowing well that that requires lots of play,

{his crab florentine > my breakfast crab cake, admitting defeat this time}
which was no problem this past weekend in Austin with brunch at Perla's

prior to getting poolside at Barton Springs. 

And now, I'm happy to be home where most of my loved ones live...besides a best friend and birthday girl -- who I now share the same job title with. See you in DC, Merly!


Mary Elizabeth said...

Missing you tons right now! You better be booking some flights to DC in the very near future. Love you my talented molls!