Six Smiles


hi & happy Sunday!

I hope, like me, you took time to rest today. After traveling to Dallas for three days of team meetings, it felt necessary. And in preparation for a week in Orlando with 3,500 interns, I hope it will prove to be rejuvenating. 

here are 6 things making me smile lately:

Just when I started saying St. Anne's novena (thanks to this site), I wound up at her namesake church in Houston last Saturday morning

right before my first trip to the Urban Harvest Farmers Market  around the corner. I had two seasoned vets by my side who showed me how to pick the finest and the freshest, like these cucumbers.

The Joule 
in downtown Dallas made my purpose for travel look a lot more like pleasure than business.

The craft drip coffee at Weekend in the downstairs lobby got the days started off on the right foot. 

The Prosecco by the pool topped if off quite nicely. 

For today, a home-blended berry coconut smoothie was the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon snack to sip on while finishing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Favorite quote: "Beautiful things don't ask for attention.

The movie came highly recommended from Kirby on our double date with them last night when discussing how rare quality TV and movies have come to be. That is unlike restaurants, like Roost, which we thoroughly enjoyed with our soon-to-be mom and dad company.