Five Blessings


I'm surprised to find myself sitting here writing a post after a whirlwind of a week. Monday through Friday was spent in the magical land of Disney for work.

And the weekend was spent lakeside for leisure.

It's weeks like these, though, that make pausing and pondering all I have to be thankful for even more gratifying. Wonderful events like these inspire that thankful mindset...

My newest nephew, Benjamin Graham, arrived today. All smiles for the Modge Podge with mom, dad, big brother Sam and sister Emily surrounding him with all their love. Baby Benjamin is a blessing for us all.

As were my safe travels from Florida back to Texas and

my mom's trip to Boston. She took my sister Carolyn on a babymoon in Kennebunkport, Maine. Here she is strolling soon-to-be big brother, Alexander, to little Lucas Michael through the charming town.

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Love those vacation pics and congrats on your new nephew!

Kate // This Side of Paradise