Oh Boy!


Benjamin Graham
Within sixteen days, I have not one, not two but three new nephews to claim. That makes me Aunt Molly to eleven little ones.

I met Max in the hospital. Benjamin stayed with us this week while my mom spent time with Lucas in Boston. That made me mom for the week, and every time I have to fill those shoes, I'm stunned by just how much selflessness and quiet strength it asks of you.

It made me think of my siblings as they begin or continue to form families of their own. I have always intently observed my older brothers and sisters. Their interest in the food scene sparked my own. Their marriages showed me what to seek out in a spouse. Their delight in wit has no doubt made an impression on me and my choice of words. Now, I see what it really looks like to have someone's best interest at heart. Witnessing these moms, dads and baby boys restores belief in real goodness.           Maximilian James

Lucas Michael

It's a clear invitation to grow in the gift of service together.
It's an opportunity to show and receive love in its fullest capacity.
It embraces that which is "living, personal and whole," and it's a wonderful thing to see.

Have a great weekend!