Six Smiles


This Six Smiles screams that summer is in full swing. So does the pinkish color of my sun-kissed skin. Soaking it up while it lasts! I hope you are too.

celebrated National Watermelon Day with an agua fresca cocktail at La Grange -- Houston's latest and greatest come happy hour o'clock

these summery shades, with faded blue lenses and peach hardware, felt like a fresh take on the old aviator classic

next order is Nico's favorite at Island Grill: the George Bush

hers & his neon straws to slurp down two NRG smoothies for a blueberry & banana blended breakfast

staying cool while soaking up the clear sky views

a bench swing beats bar stools any night, especially for reunited old roomies & besties

not pictured: She got me my own! // catching the top 10 and 7 lower tier candidates in the GOP debates during the drive to & from Austin // the only thing that got me to cave to the anniversary sale // an extraordinary testament to the power of blogging

Happy weeks!


Unknown said...

lot's of things to smile about miss molly:))) especially that watermelon cocktail!