Six Smiles


Living according to the calendar year has me a little thrown off. My mental clock is set for another semester of school and a built-in social schedule surrounded by all of my friends; but, it will soon find that the structure of a work week punctuated by weekends is here to stay.

I'm not complaining. I'm just adjusting to managing my many blessings on this schedule, like these six things:

this aluminum tray from Rice Village party good haven Sloan Emerson serves as a casual alternative to a more formal entertaining piece

Post-grad perks include learning to play hostess, which I did with snacks and sparkly beverages for a homey happy hour with Caroline and Alexandra.

on the menu: Greek salad with orange vinaigrette, grilled Halloumi & zucchini // homemade flatbread with grilled chicken & tzatziki sauce // honey-glazed figs & frozen yogurt
Learning to cook makes the list too, so I eagerly accepted Nicole's invitation to join her at this Sur la Table Greak Greek Cooking class.  

a foot's happy medium between heels and sandals
My mad search for a pair of flatforms came to an end just in time to sport them for the final days of summer.

ADAMS, an Austin-based vanilla extract maker, now churns out ice cream.
All credit for discovering the best, fluffiest carton of vanilla ice cream stocked on the supermarket's shelves goes to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McConn.

Remember this? Claire Martin Designs turned a photo of me and Merl into artwork to display in her D.C. room during our long distance friendship.

the second publication from Cupcakes + Cashmere (to add to the first!)

Thumbing through what came inside my market bag from Moll, I found the best thing inside our first favorite blogger's new book to be the home decor tips for renters, which I hope to soon be!

+6 more not pictured: restaurant research for Labor Day in the Windy City: intrigued by this patio brunch spot, Parson's (all recs welcome!) // might have found my first Netflix binge series, Peaky Blinders // never have I ever had such silky smooth hair 'til ESPA shampoo and conditioner (sad to say only the body wash is for general sale) // DJ Weezy on the track // establishing a Sunday smoothie run tradition with WD //  call people, print photos, clean make-up brushes and 10 other things we should do more of

Happy Friday to all!


Unknown said...

Mollllllls!! I love these posts!

1. did you like the grilled halloumi? I've never had it and really want to dabble with it soon!
2. flatforms are my go to for work
3. CMD!!!! Cutest pic in the world. That Claire girl has quite the talent up her sleeve:)


Unknown said...

That greek cooking class looks awesome, and I love your new shoes!

Kate // This Side of Paradise