Six Smiles in Chicago


I spent just last summer abroad. Still, it seems like a lifetime ago.

I remember returning home with all intentions to continue traveling, knowing full well obstacles would present themselves, excuses would be easy to come by and it would be easier thought than done. With time, though, I have found domestic journeys to be very doable. So, when Labor Day rolled around, there were way too many reasons to go to Chicago and hardly any not to. Below are six (and then some) things that made me smile on my first trip to the Windy City:

happy happy happy birthday today!

Annemieke, my partner-in-crime who keeps me cool, cosmopolitan and carefree.

A private campus tour with my brother Chris's (class of '95) personal touches 

Fijis reunite in South Bend

Fraternity fans,

ND grads with their Longhorn ladies

familial fans,

Mieke & Kevin, William & me, Caroline & Brad

and friendly fans

all under the watch of touchdown Jesus. 
Post game-day brunchin' with the best of 'em

before the next ball game at another famous field

order the carrots and stay for a most delicious cheese plate

followed by a final night under these indoor city lights at The Publican in Fulton Square Market.

The nightcap at The Chicago Athletic Club punctuated the weekend perfectly; it's not pictured as is to be expected with some of the best moments of the view from the 96th floor of the Hancock Tower, seas of orange and cowboy boots storming the streets of a midwest city and a drive along Lakeshore. 

I spy a selfie stick!

But when shiny object syndrome takes over, one must snap away to say you've Bean there, done that.

Next stop on the all-American tour is a city that still feels like home, Austin. Stay tuned for the final Six Smiles post of the summer before a trip to a destination that never disappoints.


Unknown said...

looks like chi-town did you well!

Love the Texas Notre Dame family rivalry-so fun!

can't wait for your austin post!

maybe one day there will be a six smiles post dedicated to a blogger bestie trip:)