Six Smiles


I write this post with a tall glass of water: water before coffee in the morning is part of my ongoing efforts to form good habits, habits that make for a happier me and a more satisfied self.

Making time to blog is another. Starting the Six Smiles series this summer was such an approachable way to stick with it. And while Labor Day seems like the season's closing ceremony, I will savor its last days until the calendar strikes the official date, September 22nd, when the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler.

So with that,

electing to rock any and all linen and white items while I can
Take-out is trending as friends find their own places to call home (sans parents, that is!). Josephine and Alexa's apartment has stunning skyline views of Houston,

not unlike this one from my overnight stay in Dallas for work training in Victory Park.

Love Field, ILY. // french vanilla bean & peach gelato

Always take advantage of the airport treats available when forced to wait. 

photo via Caitlin McCullough Photography
Big brother Sam is cute as ever in a camera shy moment during the family of five's photo shoot. 

sold at most drug stores, Whole Foods &Amazon
A daily beauty regimen I adopted from Emily's Monthly Beauty Buys to make a final make-up swipe in the morning. 

 I made my own granola! Homemade sure tastes good, but so does Purely Elizabeth.

not pictured:

My best friend has an Instagram inspired by these words: "Here's my heart Lord, take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above." Which is one of many reasons why she's a best.

Vanity plates always seem to fit the wheels they ride on. William, my brother, sister-in-law and I have a text thread showcasing Houston's FIN3ST...

While reminiscing on Mary Kate & Ashley movies with Mieke, we concluded Passport to Paris is the unanimous favorite amongst us all. 

This four day week! Happy Friday to all, and stay tuned for next week's special edition of Six Smiles, straight out of Chicago. 


Unknown said...

Water is a big part of my morning routine! Sometime it's the last thing I want but I've read article after article about how good it is for you!

Victory Park, an area of Dallas I'm not familiar with, did you like it?

I always have make up residue in the morning, looks like I need to pic up a bottle of Thayers.

I was hooked on my sis's homemade granola but darn Purely Elizabeth is stinking good!

Can't wait for next week's six smiles:) :) :) :) :) :) :)