A & B


I am fortunate to work somewhere where keeping your personal goals in check is highly encouraged. Mine is blogging once a week and in setting this goal, I knew that at times, it would have to be short and sweet.

This is one of those times. So, this post is short, and it's dedicated to two people who make life sweet.

win or lose, always smile with you...but, glad we won :)
Annie! Thank you for never failing to find me despite whichever frenzy of fans might be in our way. Last year, it was the masses of music festival folk at Austin City Limits. And this past weekend, you circled the Cotton Bowl round all the way to your rival's side to reunite a year later.

Between our annual encounters, I admire watching how you work then write, play 'til you can post, and bake for your blog's sake. It's not easy, but Take a Bite is a testament that no stage in life is too busy to put posting on pause. I can't wait for TAB's face lift at the end of the month!

thanks for taking a breakfast break with me, BB!

Now, from A to B. I am rich in both quantity and quality where siblings are concerned, the benefits of which are many. My sister Amy's bestie, Brettne, is something I wish I was--an avid reader. She turned this passion into her profession as a literary agent in New York. A group of four make up her newly established boutique firm, The Book Group, and it's with this that she has done what we all aspire to do--fulfill a dream.

She was with Amy the night I was born and has since watched the budding writer in me unfold on BOD. She's no stranger to bloggers turned book authors as she collaborated with Camille Styles and Erin Gates of Elements of Style on their first published works.

If she caught their attention, it should come as no surprise she's had mine over the years and the admiration of many. When I made a trip up to Manhattan at the end of last month, I made sure to ask her advice on how to continue to finding avenues to write that didn't involve crafting an e-mail. After all, she makes a living out of "cultivating writers throughout their careers."

She told me this, "Read. Read what you love, and figure out why you love reading it. Then, write without reason."

So, I spared not a second more before heading to Central Park with the book I had borrowed from my mom and brought on the plane, The Lost Arts of Modern Civilization.

The preface starts off with this: "The only end of writing is to enable the readers better to enjoy life," from Samuel Johnson. And this week, I leave you with that, in hopes that one part of this literary piece, more basically called a blog post, enabled you to better enjoy the life you live today.


Unknown said...

A & M:))

So thankful this crazy internet world brought us together! As long as we got to see each other it doesn't matter who won! You are too kind my friend, thank you for your kind words. Can't wait for the facelift too!!! It's pushing me to plan future posts so my site can live up to my new design. Thank you for always reading my mind and being on the same page as me about this whole blogging shindig.

Also, between the picture you posted of us and with Brettne, it's clear selfies have gone from childish to chic!