About Age


I felt under the weather last weekend--even feverish--and only yesterday did I feel like myself again. The storms sweeping Texas gave me all the more reason to make the couch my permanent residence all weekend long.

Somehow, I still managed to see nearly every nearby family member at some point or another. From sweet baby Max after mass to dear Marmie during Sunday dinner to show her last week's post dedicated to her.

When addressing questions on the size of my family, I always wind up saying something along the lines of having "the best of both worlds." My older siblings act as my sounding boards, always one to two steps ahead of me in major life stages or milestones, and the roles reverse as I act as a role model aunt to my younger nieces and nephews.

That puts me somewhere in the middle, which is kind of how I've felt at the crux of college and career all this year. Blogger bestie Annie talked about our age last week, and I am going to do the same.

William and I have talked about it at length, particularly the point that we should embrace whatever age we are. This means that at age 6 and three-quarters, you play outside until it's dark and you're called in for dinner. At 15, you should be spending more nights at your best friend's house than your own. And at 22, you accept the fact that you're still figuring it all out.

That's the overarching item on my to-don't list: don't expect to fit it all in, cross it all off, get it all done and figure it all out, all you young twenty-somethings.

And for everyone! Spend more time being, not doing.


Unknown said...

You just kill me with how you put your thoughts into words. You always say it just right.

Here's to being, not doing and loving this stage of life.