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Pictured on the far right in the pink suit is a Mom to six, a Marmie to 21 & a great Marmie to 13. 
My grandmother--Marmie, we call her--celebrated another year well-lived on Monday. A few years back, my oldest brother and her oldest grandson, Chris, compiled a book of birthday messages from her grandkids.

Marmie with her oldest son & my dad. Mom barely makes the background blending into the seventies wallpaper.
Being prompted to pause and put into words how only a wonder of a woman could raise a dad like mine was a very gratifying exercise.

I find joy in writing personal notes for most of the same reasons I find joy in writing personal posts. My current read resonated this all the more in discussing 'The Lost Art of Letter Writing': "it is cherished because it possesses a permanent, enduring quality, something often carefully saved or preserved by its owner."

Cherished it she has, having read our notes countless times since, remarking how no one time is any less touching than the time before. In this way, this simple gesture is stunning proof that letters do worlds of good on both the sending and receiving end.

So here we are again, two years later, and all that I wrote still holds true, Marmie: I appreciate your constant curiosity about our lives, goals, interests and whereabouts.

I admire how your fashion sense has yet to fade--seasonal sparkly earrings included!

And above all, I love that your favorite time is family time.

This year, I have one thing to add. Thank you for repeatedly recognizing my way with words. Your encouragement to continue writing and perhaps pursue getting published is valued more than you may realize.

So, now you know. But for today, I wanted to show you the space I put this skill into practice most. Here's to you Marm, whom I dedicate this blog post.

Happy birthday!


Unknown said...

Marmie is a dime and that wallpaper is everything! What a thoughtful post!

There are not many things better than a hand written letter. I love how blogging is like a daily letter written to the world.

I have a proposition for you, I think we should become pen pals. Let's take our online written words to pen and paper.


Unknown said...

This is so sweet! How lucky you are to have her!

Everyone, including myself, always says they get exponentially more excited about receiving a letter in the mail as opposed to a text or email. I'm working on writing more letters and cards to friends and family for more than just holidays and birthdays. It's an unparalleled form of correspondence!

I want to read that book. You might also like The Art of the Handwritten Note – it's more etiquette based, but a worthy read nonetheless!