Wonderful Whirlind


A "wonderful whirlwind" are the words Merl and I chose to describe this phase of our lives. It's fast and it's furious. It's full of newness, yet we're expected to go forth on just knowing the old. Days look the same but can feel so different. 

One of my tricks to navigating times of transition is making time for reflection. I haven't made that time up until this past weekend and didn't want it to end there. So, it continues here as I write on nothing more than this and that and all the things that make this whirlwind so very wonderful. 

Pie in the sky! To-go for two from our favorite, Solario. The simple weekends can sometimes be the most fulfilling. 

Her old soul fits her cozy law school abode. I'll work from your home any day of the week, Moll.

They say the Red River Shootout is anyone's game, so I remain hopeful for a victory in Dallas this weekend. Rest assured all will feel right when these roomies reunite in Nico's new Dallas digs.

Studying Bible study at a Bible study was exactly what I needed yet failed to realize until the opportunity fell into my lap thanks to a co-worker, Caroline. We're reading this book, which inspires ways to read and reflect on the text more thoughtfully.
Stay tuned! Spreading the love into several more posts.


Unknown said...

Oh my who's house is that--cutest!! I'd curl up in that house asap if I could.

Win or lose for either of out teams, it's going to be a win for us finally getting to reunite!

xo annie

Mollie Williams said...

Please come back soon! :)