More is More


There is--and continues to be--more and more noise that clogs our ears, our eyes, our hearts and our minds. With inboxes and Instagram, ads and alerts, news feeds and notifications, it can be numbing.

I make an effort to sift through that noise to find things of note to share with you all. But, with more stuff on my plate and less time on my hands, that sifting and sharing process happens less often than I'd like. So, instead of scrolling through my photo feed and skimming recently favorited articles, I'm recycling old material tonight.

I read my post, No I In Fear, to remind myself of my resolution for this year. What caught my attention was that less fear was really just the means to my end, more goodness. I wrote,

"As I strive to live a life with intention and meaning, this goal is aiming to extract more good out of life." 

Goodness is everywhere. Stress is just a symptom of trying to manage, balance and juggle all of it during the day. The more you seek it, the more you'll find it. I hope you find the good today and store it for the days to come!


Unknown said...

I love you lots and lots! You always bring a lot of good to my day :)