A Place to Process


I decided to move back to Houston eight months ago. Family was a huge factor, and everything else fell into its place. I had friends to follow, loved ones to lean on, a roof to rest under and a job to report to. By prayer and petition, God aided me in putting the puzzle pieces together to make my post-grad life. 

I inherited some part of my photo fetish from my grandma. Pictured here: both grandparents, my mom & her brother Paul, sporting UT orange per usual. 

Looking back, I know that while they fit, He laughed as each piece would fulfill me in ways, shapes and forms I couldn't foresee at the time. Take the job to report to, for instance. The recruiting position I took matched my resume. The company I signed with offered the kind of culture I was curious to explore. "Perect!," I thought, but He orchestrated things in store for me far beyond benefits and 401(k)s. He knew this position would afford me several opportunities to travel to Dallas. On one trip, I opted to fly in a night early to visit my mom's parents. 
back-to-back-to-back baby boys: Lucas, Maximilian & Benjamin
This was the first trip to grandma and grandpa's I made by myself. Landing at Love Field late Sunday evening, I called to ensure they had enough energy for a visitor. Turns out, they conjured up more than I could. We watched the Astros play (and beat) the Rangers as I shared my siblings latest stores, most of which involved the three newborns that arrived that month. 

Grandma's classic collection of cookbooks 
Grandma wished I was staying overnight. Had I, I know she would have filled my tummy with a buttery breakfast ("cause butter makes it better," she'd say) and my heart with one of her world class hugs. I got one on my way out, and I'm certain she saved my very best for last. Grandpa drove me through downtown Dallas to my hotel, pointing out projects and buildings he helped engineer along the way.

annual day after Christmas Day dinner in Dallas, 2014
My mom's mind is wired like his; she's sharp like him. She's also devoted, frank and strong like her mom. I'm thankful for the person she is because of them and in turn, the kind of people she has raised us to be: to offer up our hardships, to recognize what is beautiful and respect what is sacred.

the bigger, the better.

Moving home last May was  a big decision. Deciding to visit my grandparents in Dallas was a smaller one with a much more significant impact. So was taking advantage of my job's flexibility to come home early on a Friday so I could cross paths with my Uncle Paul and Aunt Sandy from Austin before they joined my parents for dinner. 

from left to right: Paul, Mike, Theresa, Patty, Grandpa, Evy, Mary, Tom and my mom, Cathy

He now joins my grandma and watches her glorify God in the choirs of Heaven as she did for so long here on earth. Together, they watch over all of us as God directs our lives with his perfect plan in mind. 

P.S. Pardon the long posting pause!

It took actively listening to that direction to drive to Austin alone and meet a blogger friend to remind myself the power a post has in helping me process. I am thankful for her, for that reminder, for this place to turn to, for all of you and your prayers at this time.