3, 2, 1


I have always known the rule of thirds where decorating is concerned. Proof is here in a piece I contributed with the Camille Styles team; number five of my fifteen designer tips to styling a coffee table: three's company.

Supposedly it holds true in writing, too. The principle that listing or describing things in threes is simply more satisfying, effective and well-balanced than any other number.

I have three sisters. Three brothers too.

Last year, I added three baby boys to my nephew count. My best friendships have always come in threes:

In high school, me, Amy and Makenna were attached at the hip. Quite literally here.

I found myself in a three-girl room at Hardin House freshman year of college. There, I found my very best friend.

Senior year, it was me, Nicole and Olivia living on Longview. These were some of my happiest homes and best years to date.

I failed to realize the recurring theme the number three had in my life until recently. It started with Lent, when instead of making one sacrifice, I opted for the 1-1-1 approach. You give up something. you work on something; you do something.

It resurfaced when, winding down at the end of my run, I literally ran into a meeting for writers at my neighborhood church. I decided to stay. The speaker provided insight from her book: Pause Pray Play. She explains the three steps that led her to a more fulfilled life. From there, I noticed the number more and more, here and there, and kind of everywhere.

cards from katie & CO., local Houston paper and invitation shop
I found it in little things like the number of congratulatory cards I had to purchase for people I love celebrating big things in their lives: a new job, an engagement, and a first home.

The little things helped me find it in bigger things.
It's how many words it takes to express some of our most profound feelings: I miss you, I love you, I am sorry.
It's the count that divides a day with morning, noon and night.
It's the count the divides a lifetime with past, present and future.
It's the amount of names we are given.
It's the number of items I list in my gratitude journal every night.
It's the number of words in a devotional site, Blessed Is She, my mom discovered and shared with her daughters.

These three words also start the verse that a fellow blogger, former co-worker and close friend, Jessi, shared with her followers recently. I could be forcing dots to connect or making something out of nothing but pure coincidence. But, Jessi also shared something her grandfather always says,
"When God speaks, he speaks in threes."
So, I'm convinced it's not pure coincidence and like decor and like writing, God decided there was something beautiful, balanced and fulfilling about things in threes and wanted to show me that.

I have certainly seen it and had to share it with all of you. May it motivate you to become a little more aware of the significance behind things that are seemingly insignificant.


Unknown said...

i've always believed in the power of threes! Third times a charm is a favorite three too!


KJL said...

What a wonderful approach! It's funny how you don't know the patterns in your life until many years later. I hope your new outlook on life and the people around you stays with you for some time. I'll have to see and become more aware of the significance behind the things that appear to be insignificant.

Carolyn said...

Third child in family almost always the best. Yes, it's everywhere. ;)